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Popular Topics I read in the news yesterday that Americans text on their cell phones more often than they call on their cell phones.

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What about email? Do you send more email or less email? What better way to keep in touch with family and friends than with customized email messages which reflect the holiday spirit?

Everybody on my holiday greeting card list also had email so I saved a bunch of money on stamps and envelopes, created a cute message with photos, and dropped it into a Mail stationery template. The end result was remarkable.

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Mail Stationery is a free download that provides access to a collection of stationery templates for Apple's Mail. Whether you want to wish your. Christmas Free Mail Stationery - Six Mail stationery designs. Download the latest versions of the best Mac apps at safe and trusted.

Friends and family members called on the phone to say thank you for the photos and card. To view the template choices, click a category, such as iPresentee. To apply a template to your message, click its thumbnail. When you decide on a template, you can click Hide Stationery to see more of your message and, if you wish to remove a template, simply click the Original thumbnail in the Stationery category.

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Any text, images, or formatting that you have added are retained. If you use a template often enough, you can add it to the Favorites category.

To do this, drag the thumbnail over the category list. All files and folders in the Christmas Mail Stationery templates disk image should be left unchanged to ensure proper usage.

Your file has been uploaded.

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What happens when Apple Mail stationery is removed from macOS How do I know if I am using Apple Mail stationery? Here are the names of the legacy Apple Mail stationery templates that will be going away: How can I preserve Apple Mail stationery? Why Wait?

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