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The smartest video surveillance software for the Mac. I work out of my house and have times when those that entered were scary to me and I didn't know if I were about to be robbed. Also, this is a college town and I have a lot of young girls come to me for Macintosh service. My reputation is impeccable and I would like it to remain that way.

Mac System Requirements

SecuritySpy is NVR software (Network Video Recording software) that The best alternatives to OneNote for capturing all your dazzling ideas. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience Our software > SecuritySpy. SecuritySpy. Multi-camera CCTV software for the Mac SecuritySpy is NVR software (Network Video Recording software) that will enable you to.

What would be the best programs to use that wouldn't burn a lot of hard drive space? I'm not that concerned about resolution. I would like to be able to hit my keyboard for recording to start and stop. February 10 by ibrahimovic. There are programs that do this, but if you use your home as a client meeting site, I'd try getting one "proper" IP camera and GeoVision.

It's free NVR software if you buy their camera, it costs money if you use other company's cameras. Their cameras are overpriced, but not bad in quality. Their software is amazing and that they give it away for free if you use their cameras is a great deal.

I'd recommend you set up motion detection so it is only recording when there is motion in a particular area, so it doesn't burn too much. Perhaps meet people in a specific area where the camera is set up, so it only records for a few minutes after it senses motion in your "client area. I've had people try setups like these before and it doesn't end well.

There are many programs out there that do this, but the video logging is very poor. When you actually go to look through the logs, you find it is a miserable experience that you wouldn't wish on the very souls looking to rob you. Geovision lets you skip ahead to when there was motion.

Thank you very much Louis. It's very nice to have your expertise on the site.

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For some reason your post was deleted, I have no idea of why, but I reopened it. I still have moderator powers for now, but it's getting testy tonight. I went to the site and I actually bought this same camera out of China but they could never provide software that would work with a Mac for it. Plan B; does it work with open broadcaster software? I use it for youtube videos. It can take video from a plethora of sources. If it winds up being useless, at least it's free. Thank you for contacting us. Most of our camera system require ActiveX plug ins and use software and tools designed for Windows.

You can view and even do basic configuration of our Vivotek cameras through a mac using quicktime but viewing, recording, and in depth configuration is best done from a PC! Robert rmzigmund.

New features on the new Dahua NVR software

If you like the free version you can also purchase the standard that has even more features. The Standard edition includes all the features of the free, plus it has one year free updates. Saving screenshots is easier and there is a smart noise reduction filter as well. Other notable features on this IP camera surveillance software include an events log, time scheduler and more. This DVR security system software lets you play back, analyze and record video footage locally or from the Internet.

While the software is used by cities for its license plate analysis capabilities it is also effective for home security. This versatile software also allows you to monitor your property from your smartphone or desktop PC. Visec sports a one button design so you can quickly find that IP camera in your network.

Multiple views are available and you can choose from analog and IP cameras. There is support for h. The software supports webcams, capture cards, CCTV and other types of analog cameras. Motion settings can also be adjusted to suit your preferences. Visec Surveillance Software is designed to work with Windows systems 98 and up , and it is also accessible from your iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Designed to work with different types of CCTV cameras, it simplifies monitoring of your home and property. Essentially what it does is turn your Internet connection into a security device. WebcamXP can connect to mobile devices and desktop computers and transmits the video to your website. Footage is transmitted in real time and you can adjust the settings so it captures stills or recordings when needed. WebcamXP has support for a number of different network cameras and is used in industries, commercial establishments and homes.

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The software also works with Windows media streams, https posts, FTP and has tilt, zoom and pan controls. Its advanced controls also provide options for controlling and restricting access to certain users only. Webcam 7 offers support for Windows All the essential features like alerts, notifications, motion detection, FTP upload and time schedule are included.

The device records to your hard disk drive so you can access the footage anytime.


The motion detection capabilities are first rate and it only takes seconds to set everything up. The program is fast and accurate and it links back to the feed in case there is an interruption. Its motion detection is advanced and performs consistently. It also uses the latest algorithms to keep false alerts to a minimum. The device also uses a compression system to reduce storage use. Media Player 10 and DirectX8 or better must also be installed in your computer however. While the features vary there are some elements they all share.

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Once installed the software links all your cameras at a central hub and you can adjust the settings as suits your requirements. There is remote access built in and it is compatible with webcams as well.

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Mac Apps Upgrade your Spotlight searches with Alfred 1 month ago. Be aware that there are some other extra in-app purchase costs to consider with iCam. Essentially what it does is turn your Internet connection into a security device. The same goes for the popular Blue Iris surveillance software which only runs on Windows. You can also push on the Windows media server. You are logged in as. Just like Home Watch, it can be triggered to send you a video or photo whenever motion is detected.

The Genius Vision app offers full remote control and management via your web browser. The program also provides a panorama view, visual tamper detection and you can export video to AVI. There are mobile apps for Android and iOS so you have remote access to the footage. With its trigger rule and event management it is simpler to manage surveillance. There is an app for Android and the iOS available too. Developed by iSpyConnect, iSpy is an open source security program which you can connect to your IP camera or webcam.

Once set up you can access the viewer on the iSpy website or your own. The program also allows for unlimited camera use. You can set up the program to take timelapse and snapshots. If you want you can also record audio and video on demand and upload data to your private YouTube account. The IcamViewer is built for IP camera viewing, and it is one of the best around. All the usual mobile playback features and controls are here as well as a section for YouTube, Twitter and read the latest news related to CCTVs, IPs and security cameras. You can use the app to take images and video clips and evaluate them.

You can even share the images on the social media or email. All of this just takes a few seconds and the interface is easy to figure out. What sets the app apart is its surveillance section as it keeps you updated. The app comes with a lot of features, but it is still easier to use than others. The fact that it works with a wide range of security cameras makes this an excellent choice for iPhone users. The original VMS program was discarded by the company that founded it, but its programmers resurrected it and this is now one of the best free IP camera software.

This program is compatible with analog CCTVs and you can hook up an unlimited number of cameras, great for monitoring large areas. The VMS has support for h. There is edge detection included as well as and Flat support. There is video analytics integrated and it is compatible with SIM intercom as well. The VMS also has features that reduce false alarms and an advanced motion detection system.

The software also has advanced options for recording, but the interface remains easy to use. With the products on this list you can get the most out of your DVR security system and get peace of mind. Which software do you use? Please share your experiences with us in the comments section below.

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10 Best Home Security & Surveillance Apps For Mac

Blue Iris Security and Webcam Software 2. SmartViewer Software for Both nvr or dvr 4. ZoneMinder 5.