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The Ultimate Screensaver – Turn Your Old Mac Into an Aquarium

enter site In reality, a MacQuarium is much more exciting than a screensaver, and something you can create yourself from an obsolete Apple computer and a few other components. There are many instructions available on the internet, and also many ready-made MacQuariums for those without the time or energy to create their own.

Image courtesy of www. We hope you have found these directions to be helpful in your quest to create the ultimate Mac aquarium when it comes to innovation. Now, you too can enjoy the benefit of having your very own Apple Mac Fish Tank in the comfort of your own home!

I enjoy feedback on the content from my site's visitors Thank you so much! So a custom Torx screwdriver is necessary Pretty darn cool huh?

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This is the iMac's uncle: The original all-in-one digital hub. Well, enough admiring Apple engineering. You have a fish tank to build. The fish of the world are waiting! Carefully take things apart. Now, I'm gonna get a bit "legal".

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If you have any problems or get hurt taking your computer apart, don't come crying and blaming me. You're on your own.

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  • Where Do Old iMacs Go Anyway? Right, They’re Upgraded Into Aquariums;

Ok, sorry about that. It's really rather easy taking this thing apart. Just use your noggin'. Be especially careful with the monitor. Another macquarium site tells you how to discharge the monitor before you take it out. I was very scared by what they were telling me to do. I was able to take the monitor out without worrying about wearing rubber gloves, discharging myself and worry about exposed electrical junk that could fry my brain.

I just disconnected the monitor and that was it.

Though following others' instructions on discharging shouldn't hurt. Use common sense. We're getting closer. It's a good idea to saw off the extra protrusions you don't need. Be sure to keep the top two protrusions. Those are the ones that make the cover connect to case. Everything else get rid of. You could keep the protrusions in place, but the aquarium will not sit flush with the cover because the protrusions on the cover will get in the way.

By, the way, I used a Dremel with a drill bit to saw off the protrusions. I'll be using the Dremel again later.

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In addition to the Leatherman, the Dremel is another utility-man's dream tool. I love it. A link to the Dremel is provided at the top under: A Mac Classic with no soul. No need to worry, we are getting closer to this computer's second life as a macquarium. I used two tools to cut into the case. The first tool was a Dremel with a drill bit.

Over 1,000 iMac aquariums sold: Fish screensavers are still in style

I drilled into the case and continued to cut a line. Next, I used a coping saw blade.

Making Plans

These Aquariums, Lamps, and Clocks are made out of Apple iMacs. A 3+ gallon aquarium with light and filter installed. Case is Since I've been giving old computers new life by turning them into aquariums, lamps, and clocks. Jake Harms in his Nebraska workshop, where he turns old iMacs into home Examples of converted computer monitor fish tanks can be found with a simple.

See how the line has two different sized spaces? The saw blade cut a real nice thin cut. The dremel cut a wider cut. It also was much easier to cut a straight line with the coping saw. After this learning experience, I recommend that you use the dremel to cut only a lead hole.

Make the lead hole wide long enough for the coping saw blade to fit in. Then use the saw blade to cut the rest.


In addition to turning old G3s into fish tanks, Harms repurposes the domelike bases of iMac G4s into lamps and the disc tray covers from eMacs into desk clocks. Sandpaper will reallly help make you cuts look much cleaner. Harms refined his polishing process to make the housing look new, and found a company in Omaha that could make the 3-gallon acrylic tanks so that the front would curve like the old iMac screen. The trickiest screws are the two at the top where the handle is. Blake has made aquariums out of iMacs, the Color Classic, the Cube β€” and even Harmon Kardon's bell jar-like subwoofer. Plus each purchase funds Harms' Kickstarter project to boot! I guess I didn't have to take such measures in disposing the monitor, but I'm looking out for my local garbage men.

It's a much cleaner and thinner cut. A link to the coping saw blade is provided at the top under: I have to warn you. Cutting into this plastic causes alot of mess!!! It produces a ton of plastic dust that will stick to everything because of its static charge. I highly recommend you do this outside with a mask on the whole time.

You don't want that plastic junk in your lungs. I decided to buy an aquarium top filter and a heater. So, I had to cut more out of the case. Again, I recommend using a Dremel to make the initial cuts and a coping saw blade to cut the rest. What initial cuts need to be made? Well you'll need the Dremel to make the corner cuts. The saw blade can only cut a straight line. So drill holes in the corners to give the saw blade a starting point.

When you're done cutting, go over everything with a fine grade sandpaper. Sandpaper will reallly help make you cuts look much cleaner. Goldfish crackers anyone? Those under gravel kind are so freaking loud! They may be quiet at first, but they get louder the longer you run it. The under gravel kind is more pleasant to the eye, but I decided to go with the aquarium topper for its superior sound buffering and superior water filtering. It looks pretty gaudy from the angle of the photo, but you won't be looking at the back.

You're gonna be looking at front enjoying your fish. Most fish are sensitive about the general temperature. Actually that turned out to the most frustrating part of this project. I really didn't want to build my own case.


Sure it would fit perfectly, but I don't trust myself with building a water-tight glass box. If you're up for the challenge, other macquarium sites gives you excellent details on how to build a glass aquarium from scratch. I went shopping. Before I went shopping I took measurements of what my glass box should be. My measurements say the following: These measurements allow the glass box to fit in the Mac Classic and without any gaps apparent.

For example if the width is more than 9. If it's less than 7. If the box is less than Awesome deal. It's amazing how perfectly it fits. Though it took a while for me to find. I avoided Mikasa all along because their stuff is pricey. It was the last store I went too. Lucky thing I went there. He was wondering what was the exact make of the vase I used.