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Work or play, listen to music, watch a movie or even operate Voice-over-IP applications, such as Skype or Google Talk.

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An alternative is to get SSH to run the sleep command on our remote host. This uses no resources and at the end of the specified time, if nothing else happens, the sleep process will quit and SSH will in turn disconnect from the host. If, however, we start using Screen Sharing in the mean time then SSH will detect that and keep the tunnel open for us until we stop using it.

SSH is extremely cunning! It can be as little time as it takes you to open up Screen Sharing. Email Not published. There is definitely something weird going on in VNC land with regards to encryption. Not sure about the history here. Thanks for this tutorial! It was useful in connecting to and setting up a RPi as a kiosk using x11vnc and a display. Stumbled across your text while searching for something closely related.

So you want to start a VNC viewer or server after the tunnel has been created? To circumvent security concerns, you may set a VNC password instead. A vpn is much more secure. This may slow you down even if you have great ssh security. At least run ssh on a different port, or use port-knocking and other basic methods to secure ssh.

The best remote access solution for Mac and iOS

For my home setup, here are steps I use: Issue wakeup WOL to home mac. Now tunnel to home mac with ssh. If you have apple-tv or others, they can do wol via proxy for you. Note that the info in outdated utah. But other info may be useful. For example, I setup pfctl to only allow ssh connections from my heavily secured dd-wrt router and a few other boxes behind the router firewall.

How to use screen sharing remotely and securely - Mac OS X Hints

If you have a different app you would rather use, just say open -a AppName. Jun 17, 5: Thanks for the links. Can you tell me how Back to My Mac is different than enabling screen sharing and port forwarding?

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Page content loaded. Use it in good health! You're correct that VNC is not secure when used over an untrusted network, as all keystrokes - including any passwords - are sent unencrypted. Finally, if the server machine has a globally-visible hostname, you can use that instead of the IP address in the ssh command. However, using screen sharing through Back to My Mac requires being logged into iCloud so it benefits from two-factor authorization. Just to clarify a bit my previous post

It sounds like it's the same thing with the added benefit that iCloud provides a convenient way to locate your other machines even if your ISP changes your IP address. I use dynamic DNS for the same purpose.

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Is Back to My Mac somehow fundamentally more secure that using screen sharing and port forwarding? Jun 17, 8: Jun 17, Thanks, I understand that.

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Independent of using two-factor authentication I'm wondering whether there's a security difference between using Back to My Mac, and enabling screen sharing with port forwarding. Sep 5, 8: I have fully ported Putty to Mac and it is certified by Softpedia as clean and virus free. I also have the application with Screen-Shots listed on MacUpdate here: Can VNC access be allowed safely?

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You could select encryption mode in earlier versions of Mac OS X, but in Note that if a client uses VNC password (type 4) to connect to. Set up and use Back to My Mac - Apple Support While VNC traffic is not clear text, it is not encrypted, so it can be viewed with the correct.

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