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SOS Mac mini 2014 black screen after latest sierra update Pressing the power key for a couple of seconds will do the trick. Next, you have to boot your Mac in single-user mode. That's done by pressing the Command and S keys at the same time, right after pressing the power key. If you did it right, you should see a whole bunch of lines on the screen in what is a Terminal-like interface. I've seen someone recommend that you reset the PRAM three times before booting in the single-user mode. There is no harm in doing that. Hit the Command, Option, P and R keys at the same time, right after you power it on, and wait until you hear the startup chime for the third time before letting go.

Then, quickly press the Command and S keys, to get you into the single-user mode. The fifth command restarts your Mac. It will show the login screen. That's normal, even if you previously bypassed it. You may run into this problem even after macOS Sierra Photo Credit: All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy - Cookie Policy. Hot Topics: Got News? Contact Us. Google launches new. Often this can be remedied by simply disabling automatic graphics card GPU switching on MacBook Pro as instructed here:. Did one of these solutions work to get past the black screen on Mac boot for you?

If you happen to run into this unusual issue with your Mac, let us know how you resolved it by leaving a comment below, and if the above tips worked for resolving the boot to black screen problem on your MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and whichever Pro or Air model it may be. And of course if you have your own solution to the booting to a black screen issue, share that below in the comments as well!

Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. I had this happen to me once because my cat walked on the keyboard and turned the brightness all the way down.

None of the three solutions worked for me, but I found a solution for my case. I tried hooking up an external monitor and Windows 7 worked fine on the external monitor but still would not come up on the Macbook Air screen the screen also worked fine when running the Mac OS. Using the external monitor, I searched around the control panel for the brightness control, and it was set all the way to the left. I moved it toward the middle and it worked. Note that you have to do this separately for both plugged in and not plugged in options. That solved the issue, but the brightness and volume keys still did not work.

Not sure exactly how this happened, although my son turned the brightness way, way down using the keys in order to listen to something on my computer overnight, and this happened the next day. May or may not be related, but I would guess yes. Hope this helps someone as I did not see this solution anywhere else and it took me several days of experimenting to find it. The third option for the black screen worked. Thank you so much for your assistance. I was in desperate need of the machine this weekend, and I had no time to return to an Apple Store. Thanks again. Yes, the 3rd one worked for me, too.

Twice now it has worked. Thanks for this great trick as it saved me money to send the Mac Pro back to Apple for no idea how long. Life saver! I tried all the other suggestions and the password reset kept popping up. Thank you, This totally worked! Thank you! Thank heavens for generous people who share the solutions they find!!!

I found a similar fix. Had someone call my phone — which is tied to my iCloud account on the laptop. As soon as they hung up, the screen turned back on. This seems like a stretch, but it did really work for me. I had tried many other things to no avail…. I had a black screen, but keyboard lit, caps lock light came on when pressed, and chimes. I tried everything PRam, reset, tapping spacebar etc. Then I reset the Apple password on another computer while looking for a solution. I then wrapped the computer in a blanket like a baby for about 5 minutes while it was on.

I opened the laptop, and was looking for another solution when suddenly it flickered and came on! The thing is last year work gave my husband an Iphone, which he logged into the icloud. They then took it back 2 months later. I tried all three suggested solutions, but the password reset kept popping up. I then clicked the shut down button, waited 15sec and rebooted the MacBook… It restarted as if nothing ever happened! OMG thank you so much!!!! I tried all of their suggestions and none worked but this totally did!!

Thank you Thank youThankyou!!! Many thanks. Probably will purchase the panel from ifixit to replace it myself. Thank you so much for the resolutions.

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The first option, reset the SMC, did the trick. Immediately it booted to a lighted screen. Thank you, thank you!! The screen seems to be functional, but the backlight on the display is not lighting up. I can see that the computer is fully functional when I put a flashlight up to the display screen there is a fully operation LCD with no backlight. I have attached a peripheral display as a temporary fix and it works fine. I sent it out to the shop today with horror estimates that the entire display may need changing, or If I am lucky it may be a connector, a fuse, a capacitor, or a resistor that has gone bad or come loose on the logic board.

I did not read this article until I had already sent it out to the shop, but I called the tech and told him to hold off on working on the problem until I can retrieve it and try these solutions.. My question to you is, do these resets commonly work when it is the backlight on the display that is not working, but the LCD is still functional except for the backlighting, and when plugged in, the peripheral display is fully operative? But I had to touch keys precisely. Many thanks! We tried all 3 options and others with no success even hooked up an external monitor.

We were just ready to give up after a couple of days of trying. All of the sudden, without touching the keys, we looked over and the screen was working. Not sure why, but perhaps it had something to do with allowing it sit with no screen for several days. Not sure. Has anyone else had this happen? Did you let it run or did you shut it down?

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After the second boot chime my mac brought up the white screen and password box. It then went to a loading screen and then into a black screen with my cursor for a while. After that it required me to log in again which brought up all my screens where I left them. Hey, I am a freshman in highschool and I have the most trouble with computers. I thought I was going to have to buy her a new laptop. But I tried the first step and Ta Da! It worked! You guys are a life saver.

Thank you soooo much. Best guess: I have been using the number keys quite alot so I guess I was also hitting the brightness key accidentally and repeatedly until I hit one too many times without realizing it and turned the screen completely black. PRAM worked for me!! Thank you so much, I have an exam in two days and all my notes had been on there. Any others ideas? Thank you, thank you! PRAM worked for me, it keeped resetting for a few mins and it turned on out of nowhere.

I had tried so many different websites and i was about to give up! The black screen happend 2 me 2. At first I tried all the above tricks to no avail. I have had my Macbook Pro for a few years now. This is the second time in the past few weeks that I have had this black screen issue. The first time the SMC reset worked perfectly. The last time my screen went black, I had to try all three solutions several times, and finally the SMC reset worked. This makes me feel that there is something wrong with my Mac that needs repaired. I have never had this issue before a few weeks ago, and never on my previous Mac.

The article says that this is rare, but it has happened twice now recently. Would upgrading to El Capitan help? I held it down 8 seconds, and it should be done before seeing any light source in the display. So hopefully no more issues! Maybe a DC board problem? I had the same issue. I carry my laptop to and from each and connect via the display ports.

One day, i walked away from workstation for an hour or so, came back and saw my laptop screen was black. I figured it went to sleep, so i just closed the lid, packed it up and went home. When I got home, I opened up my laptop and did not get an image, just a black screen. After about an hour, of troubleshooting and reading forums Including this one , I figured the GPU died. I figured it was surely dead now.

I got a hunch to reconnect it at my 2nd workstation, the one I had left it the night before, and bam. Picture came up on the retina! It was scrambled, very bad picture, but at least it was a start. I disconnected and reconnected the display ports, but no luck. With the connections in, I closed the lid and reopened, but still no luck. I immediately disconnected the display ports, and the screen is working nicely. You rock Michael. I had this problem and it was still being black after trying all kinds of tricks and methods but i got it running from a different display.

Something to do with the component that keeps the lisghts and adjusts the screen. All the best and hope you find your solution! I was watching Netflix on my Macbook when the screen went black. Upon doing a hard reset Holding down the power button fro 5 seconds , the Mac grey screen would show up but then it would go black. That did the trick and the screen came back on. Another option for people with this problem. Tried all three suggestions and none worked. Restarted in Safe Mode press and hold Shift key while reboot computer until you get to Login screen and had my laptop connected to our TV using an HDMI cable so I could at least see if the computer was working, which it was, but just not my laptop display.

So I installed the update, restarted computer, and voila! Try this out as an option before taking it into an Apple Store. Hi thanks for this! The last option worked for my daughter after trying all the preceding solutions. Happened to me before on Yosemite with my Mac mini. Apparently I too, as a way of troubleshooting,opted to sleep the Mac followed by a forced shutdown and voila, back to business. Neither of these solutions worked for me. I would like to know if anyone has a another solution that has worked.

Maybe you can check if booting an OSX installation pendrive, to see if the graphics start to work. The display works just fine until the OS starts to boot then it goes to black with a white cursor immediately. Did you ever find a solution? Not sure if this caused the problem I had on the Macbook Pro but what worked like a charm was the first solution in this article. Connect to power outlet. The computer chimed and when it booted WaHoo, the screen was back. I did this connected to a secondary monitor so I could see what was happening. The laptop screen booted first, as usual.

Thank you Will! None of these. Worked for me at all: Any last suggestions? We are on vacation and I need to login for work! None of these worked for me at all: Try booting with an external display connected. Your inbuilt display may actually have failed. I had this issue with a white iBook a while back…. I am not sure if this is connected but prior to my initial upgrade the boot up to the log on screen took 25 seconds or so, with the password entered the main screen was a further 3 seconds. After the upgrade it seemed to work the other war around, the log on screen was there in seconds, enter the password and it took 20 seconds to get to the home page, following the recent upgrade it has changed again, a black screen with the progress bar taking 15 to 20 seconds to get to the log on page, the password is entered and the home page is 2 seconds away.

I will try the suggestions posted above. I got the black screen but it booted normally otherwise. Black screen, white progress bar. I actually thought i looked cooler than the normal boot. If it works, leave it alone. Since the upgrade to YOSe and second ed, nothing bad has happened apart from the odd sudden shutdown during web surf … otherwise stable during heavy editing on iMovie brilliant new version for me… always found FCP a tad OTP for my professional needs and chuffed with all other apps in use… well done guys for the constant upgrades and as usual user friendly improvements …… Maje.

By mistake on installing. Win7 on parallele something went wrong. And now have black screen. When push power button. I hear fun noise. Mac is run. But black screen. I try. Both solution mentioned nothing help I try other. Solution from web same. Any help will be appreciated Thx. This is now a frequent problem for users of Mavericks and Yosemite, I tried everything with my Macbook Pro but nothing worked. Even reloading Yosemite using one of the recovery tricks. Finally I decided to Pay for Apple Support and was pleasantly surprised to find that there is no charge for help with this problem on these two operating systems.

The first technician took me through all the things I had done, trying to boot into Safe Mode, trying to boot into Recovery Mode even getting to the failure point and entering my password in case it was just hidden. He then got a senior tech on the line and she said she could fix this in 10 mins as it was a known issue. She had me power on and hold down the command and S keys. Keep holding the keys until the screen fills with a lot of Dos like code.

At this point she dictated 3 lines of text with things like plst and library etc, sorry I cannot remember much of it. Then we powered on and off and again the screen went black but she told me to just keep hitting a few random keys and lo and behold the system came back up and is now OK. The problem as I understand it is a corruption in some plist logon type files which she had me delete and on the next boot the Mac rebuilds them correctly.

Good Hunting! I am reading through my error logs, and I am seeing this same plist error. I just do not know how to fix it. Guess I will call Apple and hope that somebody there gives 2 chits enough to help me fix it properly this time! Thanks for the post! Thanks for the suggestions, but none of these methods have helped. Gotta go see a genius I guess. I decided to do a new clean installation of Yosemite and then restore my userdata.

Everything went fine and I was happy with my newly installed MBA until a couple of days ago. Again I got the black screen after waking up from sleep: Anyone have an idea what the issue can be?

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Had this issue but called apple support to fix it in 2 steps. Steps to solve issue MacBook turns on makes the sound but no display or cursor, just a dark screen. Thanks, me and the oldest boy rolled thru all other suggestions, until finally this one worked. Thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks a lot!! This worked, after the second noise the screen was still black then I forced it to shut down, turned it back on and the problem was solved! Thanks for sharing your solution, after trying several methods this was the definitive solution to my case!

Thank you so much! I thought I was either gonna have to pay a TON of money to fix my computer, or throw it away! This worked for me! This one worked! Happened to me just after using the migration assistant. Guessing it could be related to dual monitors on the old Mac Pro, but not sure. Thank you!! Worked first try. Saved my day! Will never panic again when I see the black screen and hear the fan working so hard.

Thanks again!!! Yippeee OMG you saved my life! Fingers crossed it will be ok now for ever! I think the second tip is working for me! My computer is still turning back on. Do you think this problem might have been caused by recently installing fluux that program that dims the blue light on your computer at night? Wow jeszica!!! You are my life savor!! The only result that worked for me after searching all thru YouTube and Google for help!

Thanks Jeszica!! You Rock! After trying all other suggestions as they come, yours work like a charm. Just had a customer who had this issue, turned on the MBP The flashlight on the screen in a dark room reveled the login page as others sites have stated, once I entered the new password I created on other attempts to fix the issue I was directed to the Keychain page where I entered the orignal password in the update Keychain password supplied by the customer and viola, straight back in and restarting as per normal. No other issues and the laptop screen lights up as usual on startup and sometime when taken out of sleep mode but goes dark again within minutes.

Tried all of the resets, no go. Any other suggestions out there?! Thanks OSXDaily! There are a few factors to the problem listed above, and the solutions for each of those should definitely be tried at least three times. I was panicking when none of the solutions worked, and then I realized my MacBook was severely overheated.

Nearly scalded my hands holding it. I started it up, removed all peripherals, put it to sleep clamshell mode and left it on the floor for 5 minutes cos all the cool air-conditioning made the floor really cold. Then when I picked it up again after it was all cooled, the screen just… worked. No flaws. Here are some points to consider:. Turn it off, or turn it on and put it to sleep. Apply something cold not ice please, more like blow at it with a fan or something to the bottom of the MacBook.

Again, check your MacBook and take care of it. Try all of these at once when your MacBook is at optimal working temperature. Then schedule a day to bring it to an authorized Apple Service Provider. Yes, it got that bad…. But I learnt to understand and fix this MacBook on my own. Surely, prevention is better than cure. This aluminium unibody does a horrible job at ventilation. So the air comes out from the keyboard, apart from the exhaust in the joint.

Keyboard covers are the one-way ticket to suffocating your Mac. Way to go Apple, sacrificing so much for aesthetics. This happened to me today. I went to the Apple store and they had a two hour wait. I was so tempted to just toss the computer in the trash. I got on my iPhone and found this solution. Works fine now. The second sequence worked for me. Thank you very much for the the. So here it is, and from the bottom of my heart: Same issue, took me a few days to resolve.

Try this sequence, stopping whenever you get the white screen and chime to display upon boot up. Get it back to grey screen and follow these instructions: Repair until you get the OK, then go back into disk utility apps repair and run it in there a few times. It worked for me, I doubted it but it did. Once i just smashed my keyboard after a few hours and that somehow worked too… do not suggest that last one. Upon getting it to load, have a hard drive ready and start grabbing the important stuff. Best of luck.

I tried rebooting with option command p r and it made the chime. Any suggestions? Hi- have tried all and this is not working for me. My MacBook pro was purchased in so very old. It starts but black screen. I have tried all suggestions above. Any one have anything else to suggest? Hello Lisa. I am having the same problem. By looking at the date you wrote this post, I believe the problem is already resolved.

Any advise on this? Omg thank you so much Jessica it finally worked for me! Unusual to have problems with Mac!! Obviously a fault with the Apple software!! Thank you Jeszica!! I tried all suggestions and nothing worked until I pressed power and then held option, command, P,R until the power sound came on about 3 times and then finally the screen restored. Had to get a torch to shine it at the screen though to get through the secure login!

What is previously black becomes just about visible. It worked!!! I refer to the original suggestion of control option shift power button, followed by normal press of power button. Lately it just kills itself to black. Many thanks, especially as am about to go on a work trip and need my computer! Rebooting the PRAM worked for me! Thanks guys! I was wondering what the heck as my Macbook Air is only two days old!! Thanks again! I was wondering what happened to my Macbook Pro is only 15 days old!!

PRAM method worked after trying the previous two. Thank you. So it seems anything will work at some time or other I think CloudyZack has it nailed these get too HOT wait till it cools down then try any of the methods listed I am going to drill some holes in mine just under the fans better ventilation is sure to help. I tried the methods described with no luck. He had me:. It is ONE line with a space between loginwindow.

This worked for me and got me to the login page. The tech said the code just sets your computer to find the last working startup. Hopefully it will continue to work: Good Luck! Mischa, Thank you so much! Your code here just got me my computer back!!! I had a black screen and could see pointer, but that was it.

I followed your instructions and bam, the login screen came up!!! So excited!! The above method worked for me. Nothing worked. I even reinstalled Yosemite from the recovery option twice and nothing. But this last option worked. Thank you a million. I had this problem crop up after I restored my system from a Time Machine backup.

Resolving a Black Screen on Mac When Waking from Sleep

Last night, my Mac Mini stopped working. When I try to turn it on, I can hear the Apple sound, but the screen doesn't respond. The screen is. Please help, I can hear the startup chime but screen is black!.

The above was the fix! I tried several times all 3 solutions: Thanks so much. Worked great. Nothing had worked and was loosing hope until I found your post. Thanks a ton. After fiddling with brightness had that issue before I found this article and tried 3 solutions one after the other. Thank you so very much I went through all three of the props that was display and the last one worked appreciate you a great deal. I had the same thing happen and tried all the steps, 1. Still, black screen. Black screen. Still the black screen. Still black screen.

Back to recovery mode, reinstalled mavericks. Still, no success. In conclusion, I have tried everything but the apple service, the black screen arrived out of nothing and remains here, tormenting me. Ok, so as I said, non of the 7 solutions above worked for me, here is what did: I found this solution on another troubleshooting forum which dealt with the same problem. Here are the steps that brought me back everything exactly how I left it: Turn off your Mac by pressing the power button until your Mac shuts down. Turn your Mac back on and hold the shift button.

You will see a loading bar fill up and then your screen will go back to black with your cursor visible. Enter the first letter of your user name and hit enter 4. Enter your password and hit enter 5. The beach all will start turning. If your Mac goes to sleep mode wake it back up as usual. An install window will pop up, for an update. Follow the steps to set up the installation. You end up back at your home screen as you left it. I hope it helps! Good luck and hang in there! I had the problem described above but none of the solutions worked, and then when I moved the MacBook to connect an external monitor the problem disappeared.

Now I know my circumstances are very rare. I had stacked the one I was fixing on top of the other one with the lid closed. So the top MacBook thought the screen was closed and so, turned it off. Lift the top MacBook off the bottom one and the problem goes away. This was driving me crazy!!! Scott, you saved me and my macbook: Tried everything and was just about to give in for the night and read your comment… Thanks very much! After attempting ALL of the suggested fixes multiple time I finally called tech support.

Ellen had me hit the power button and then hit the shift key which started the computer in Safe Mode. It brought up the login dialog box and once I entered my password the computer brought up my regular startup screen. I clicked on the apple in the top left corner of the screen and then hit restart. It brought up the login screen again and once I logged in everything was back to normal — running real slow after loading Yosemite. At least now I can do my taxes: I tried all three options a couple of times without luck. It worked. Interestingly when the screen was happily visible and I could log on a critical is update was ready.

The one that seemed to work so far is a hybrid of two. In safe mode the bar finished loading and I logged in, retarded and the Mac asked me to install a software update, I did. This is the second time it happened on startup. The last PRAM reset worked like a charm and booted my mac to life! Sometimes the SMC worked, sometimes the PRAM zap worked, but mostly the old unplug the machine from power, close the lid and wait a few minutes was the key for me. When I booted into safe mode I was able to backup the drive and use a second monitor for a number of hours, so Apple support walked me through trashing a slew of preference files and while they were watching my screen it happened again- black screen at startup.

So they recommended I reinstall the OS. I went for a really clean install and erased my already backed up drive and started the 2 hour Yosemite reinstall. I must have missed a crucial step because when the machine restarted I saw a folder with a question mark, and when I tried to restart into recovery mode all I get is the chime and a black screen. I made the trip to my nearest Apple Store and was told about the video card replacement program. It started a few days later here in Japan, so I was told to call Apple on the start day and report my problem.

The next day Sat. I am happy to say my external monitor once again works, and I have had no re-boots or black screens knock on wood! Thank you Apple better late than never! The only solution that worked was to use time machine, had a backup on a hard disk. Wish you success. The exact issue I was experiencing was that my machine would boot to a black screen no Apple logo and not display the login screen until I slept the computer and woke it back up.

After trying everything mention above , still got black screen on my MacBook pro. It worked and I got my MacBook screen again and got relief: Thank goodness this worked. None if the three worked for me. My screen went black after I had the Mac book pro standing on edge and it fell over only a few inches to laying flat. When I reboot I get a lighter but still black screen.

Did I frie some kind of screen connection? I have read all of the comments here and attempted all the solutions and nothing works. My screen is black. However, the white light comes on in the front when the power button is pressed on. So when everyone is describing a black screen and then describing one of the solutions, are you describing a screen that is actually clicking ON but has only a black background or a black screen that appears to be off?

Again, I have attempted every solution described above and nothing seems to work. That black screen scared me as I just got my MacBook 2 months ago! Thanks so much for the tip — saved my weeks outlook! This is the second MacBook Pro Retina to do this to me. I bought my first one in December , it did this within a month. That was about a month and a half ago and it just did it again. I tried all three of the above solutions and was so happy when the PRAM reset worked! I have a pro that this happened to today. This morning I tried all of the different solutions posted here and elsewhere, including the pram reset a number of times without success.

But after leaving it for a few hours and then guessing when to hit pram as I wasnt getting chimes, it has eventually worked. I tried the first trouble shooting option and I heard the noise it makes and the fan start up then the screen flickered and it shut off. Now it wont turn back on. I do not know what to do at this point. Thank you so much for this article, third option worked perfectly!! Was having a mild panic as Mac exactly 1 year old today so warranty typically just finished. Thanks for the fix, very grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

The first 2 suggestions did not work for me but the second one did. This happened to me once before and the genius bar fixed in in 10 minutes but this time I am in Vanuatu where there is no genius bar. The third suggestion worked like a charm: I thought about all the documents I just saved and how much time it was going to take to re-write them. Hmmm…I should have at least printed them. A big lesson! I tried everything holding all kinds of combinations of letters with all my fingers twisted but nothing worked until I did the PRAM Reset exactly as said. My husband put his finger over his mouth….

Thanks so much whoever from genius bar posted all the solutions. Option 3 worked for me. Just keep in mind, it may take a little while to hear that second home. Try and be patient. I think I was a bit slow off the mark the first time I tried it. The other options were tried with no success. Thanks for the help. The first option you guys had with the shift control option power button hold worked for me!!! Thank you!!! Black screen appeared after downloading the latest update. I noticed when I picked up my laptop the bottom of the case was hot. Tried the other options with no luck but PRAM reset worked first try.

The last, the PRAM reset worked for me. I just got this computer in January, and am a little upset. This is my 5th Mac and the first time I have ever had any problem. The PRAM reset, whatever that is, worked. Thanks so much for posting this fix, it saved my butt. I can open my Mac but right after I entered my password it goes black after.

Can anyone help me. Nothing mentioned here worked but i tried my luck and here is what worked for me.

What to do when your Mac displays a blank screen and the cursor after a macOS update

All i did was remove the battery the. Put it in again. Hope it helps someone. Same as above. Thanks for the helpful tips! After dying on a ppt presentation, the machine kept booting till the black screen, only to re-start booting endlessly. PRAM reset worked for me see detailed instructions here https: Now I am back to normal. Command option p r worked on my black screen. I have a macbook pro mid retina. The other options did not work at all. The third option worked for me.

Had to do it twice though. Totally freaked out when I had this problem and your second solution did the trick!!!! What a nightmare, pain in the boot. Not sure I agree the black screen is a rare problem, since if you are unfortunate enough to have it happen and search for a solution it seems MANY people have had the same issue. The pram reset worked for me. Very helpful so thank you. I have the MacBook pro retina, 13 in, mid model. So many thanks. Now off to watch some Netflix lol.

MacBook Pro retina bought new in September Nothing works and I tried everything that was suggested. The display part seems to be dead. I used my notebook then left the table closing it.

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Came back an hour later and the screen is dead. I made an appointment with Apple but the earliest one available is on Tuesday. Apple sucks. PRAM rest option worked for me but you have to press the keys at the same time accurately. Thanks for the post. The PRAM step worked for me. Can anyone help? PRAM worked for me — interesting that son also playing with brightness the night before this happened. The last one did luckily thank you so much I was so worried. A very helpful solution. Thank you so much for the very effective solution. The PRAM reset worked, thank you!

I tried each one on the list got nervous as each one failed. I held my breath at the PRAM reset and was thrilled that it worked. None of these worked for me. So I tried plugging it into external monitor and still no picture even on the external monitor, so when I unplugged the hdmi the screen popped back on. That makes zero sense but okay! None of these have worked. Try to turn up the brightness. Have a similar problem, tried all the tricks mentioned above but screen remained black, then finally tried plugging in a TV scree on HDMI and voila.

Managed to get the machine started and copied all important files… but laptop screen still black. Macbook Pro with retina or El Capitan. The third aolution worked… I was teady yo try a hammer, thank you so much! Never had that before Yosemite This sucks so much — I can hardly work!!! You are describing an issue with some OS X The third option worked for me on my MacBook Pro refurbished.

I followed the steps and then turned it off and on again once more. Now I can see my screen. Big thanks to the author!!! Thank you so much!!! I was definitely in panic but third one helped me! Thank you soooo!!! I tried every effort but no way, that was very frustrating to me. I went home started looking through the net, fortunately, I have tried your solutions. The third step fixed my MacBook, thank you for the good advice! I tied the first two with no luck but the PRAM thing worked like a charm. Had this issue on my MacBook Pro. After numerous reboots using the shift key, nothing worked.

Found this site and tried option 1 and 2 to no avail. Option 3 the PRAM reset worked finally worked. A big thank you as I was ready to throw my computer across the room. The problem occured after Yosemite Hope problem will not occure again. This happen to me and the Pram restart worked… Thank you!

I was updating when it went black. I tried all three solutions and none of them worked… I was really, really sad. Guys i found a really easy fix for my screen going black.

A fix for the OS X Black Screen of Doom

I was using a foam case which had a magnetic clip. This was then causing my macbook to think the lid was closed and the screen would then go black. This tip on osxdaily.