Lua download mac os x String formatting in Lua - string.

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Dot or Colon separator between table name and member in Lua - what is the difference? Lazy operators in Lua - what they mean, and examples.

Line, block and nested comments - Lua compared to other languages. Embedding Lua to perform tailored code at an interval.


Why we teach Lua. Metatables, Metamethods, classes and objects in Lua. Setting up your MacBook Air as a mobile broadband router.

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The first Luas of the morning. Is Lua an Object Oriented language? What is a metatable? How do I set one up? How do I use them? Using Lua tables as objects. Functions are first class variables in Lua and Python. Back in Cambridge to give a Lua course. Changes in Lua 5.

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The goto statement in Lua. Programming Standards in Lua. Weak references in Lua - what are they, and why use them? Niche businesses in Melksham.

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From glass painting to Tcl and Lua courses. Dark mornings, dog update, and Python and Lua courses before Christmas. Metaclasses Python and Metatables Lua. Tables as Objects in Lua - a gentle introduction to data driven programming.

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Parallel but not really parallel. Moving game characters. Coroutines in Lua. More extensions will always be a huge benefit to Hammerspoon. They can either be pure Lua scripts that offer useful helper functions, or you can write Objective-C extensions to expose new areas of system functionality to users. For more information, see the contribution guidelines on GitHub.

  • Running Lua on macOS.
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Bugs found on http: You can usually get a quick answer in our IRC channel, hammerspoon on Freenode. A searchable archive of the channel is available here. We have a Google Group mailing list here.

If you find a bug, or have a suggestion, you can also file an issue on the issue tracker. Hammerspoon What is Hammerspoon? LuaForge is the major repository for user-contributed tools, and includes LuaBinaries , a complete repository of pre-compiled Lua libraries and executables. Many Lua modules are available as LuaRocks.

Building Lua 5.3 on macOS

See also Awesome Lua. Lua is very easy to build and install. There are detailed instructions in the package but here is a simple terminal session that downloads the current release of Lua and builds it in Linux: If you have trouble building Lua, read the FAQ.

What is Hammerspoon?

See also lua. Back in Cambridge to give a Lua course. Is Lua an Object Oriented language? This Wiki has few listing: Hot Network Questions.