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Ebisu, Ho Chi Minh City

ibtatebupe.tk AI Fresco's. Order Online. Pho Cao Van. CF Bene. Bun Bo Hue But be Thu Pho Vietnamese Cuisine. Highly recommend Asian , Vietnamese. Service wa Japanese , Asian. American , Cafe , Fast food , Vietnamese , Healthy. Hoa Vien Brauhaus. Bar, European , Czech, Central European. La Phong Sushi House. Japanese , Sushi , Asian. Luvi Vegan restaurant. Quan Nem. Cafe , Asian , Vietnamese. American , Cafe , Asian , Vietnamese.

Italian , Cafe , Fast food. Luly Am Thuc Chay. Paris Bistro. French , Seafood , Fusion. Ben Do Quan. Genji - Japanese Beer Garden. Italian , Japanese , Fusion. Cafe , Fast food , Vietnamese. Simple Coffee. The Hue House Restaurant. Arm root paste with miso sauce. Toasted soy. Gyuusuki nabe beef sukiyaki hotpot for 2 person.

Udon hotpot. Beef g. Chicken bone chops. Charcoal-grilled chicken. Addtional meat ball. Additional vegetable. Additional sukiyaki soup. Udon noodle. Rice porridge. Grilled chicken bowl. Stir fried udon. Natto takana yakiudon fried udon noodke with pickeled natto. Matcha almond jelly. Custerd pudding. Strawberry rice cake. Green tea rice cake. Black sesame ice-cream. Vanilla ice-cream. Toku course set: Udonsuki course set: Konomi course set: Sapporo bottle.

Heineken bottle. Tiger bottle. Sapporo draft. Whisky with soda. Whsky with 7up. Hakusyu whisky with soda. Yamazaki whisky with soda. Shochi with grapefruit. Shochu with lemon. Shochu with orange. Shochu with kiwi. Shochu with cassis syruo and kiwi. Shochu with oolong tea. Shichu with lemon. Shochu with maccha. Shochu with Ebisu special. Shochu with peach. Shochu with kabos syrup. Shochu with yuzu. Nanban onigoroshi potato glass 65,vnd bottle ,vnd. Nanban onigoroshi wheat glass 65,vnd bottle ,vnd.

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Imo tairiku glass 70,vnd bottle ,vnd. Kogane no imo glass 80,vnd bottle ,vnd. Kurokirishima glass 95,vnd bottle ,vnd. Kakutama glass 95,vnd bottle ,vnd.

Satsuma kurogodai glass ,vnd bottle 1,,vnd. Satsuma musou glass ,vnd bottle 1,,vnd.

Nhà Hàng EBISU, ebisu mac dinh chi, ebisu

Seikouudoku glass ,vnd bottle 1,,vnd. Mugi tairiku glass 70,vnd bottle ,vnd. Ginza no suzume glass 85,vnd bottle ,vnd. Ginza no suzume Kohaku glass ,vnd bottle 1,,vnd. Iichiko glass ,vnd. Zanpa glass ,vnd bottle 1,,vnd. Atsukan M ml M: Suishin glass ,vnd bottle ,vnd.

Kubota senju glass ,vnd bottle 1,,vnd. Hakkaisan glass ,vnd bottle 1,,vnd. Akakirishima ml glass ,vnd bottle 1,,vnd. Pickled plam shichu. Hot water for shochu.

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  • Nhà Hàng EBISU, ebisu mac dinh chi, ebisu!

Shiboritate genshu ml bottle ,vnd. Jouzen mizuno gotoshi ml bottle ,vnd. Nishinoseki hana ml bottle ,vnd. Kubota senju ml glass ,vnd bottle 1,,vnd. Hakkaisan ml bottle 1,,vnd. Shichiken ml bottle 1,,vnd.

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Yamazaki glass,vnd. Hakusyu glass ,vnd. Korean rice wine. Plum wine. Kabos wine. Yuzu wine. Peach wine. Orange juice with cassis syrup. Red wine on the rock. White wine on the rock. Red wine glass. White wine glass. Oolong tea. Hot maccha.

Restaurants Near Al Fresco's Mac Dinh Chi, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ice maccha. Orange juice. Mineral water. Fresh watermelon juice.

Fresh pineapple juice. Fresh banana juice. Fresh kiwi juice. Please choose a number to call.

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However service was slow and orders were forgotten. All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips. Japanese meat omelette. French , European , International. Updating Map Luly Am Thuc Chay. Small dried sardines tempura.

Lunch Credit cards. Air conditioner. Take away services. Free bike park. Private room.

Nhà Hàng EBISU, ebisu mac dinh chi, ebisu

Free wifi. Car park. Smoking zone. Tax invoice available.