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What is NOT true according to the article? Mothers will suffer from depression if they don't massage their babies. People can learn to massage themselves. Massage is good for you regardless of whether you're giving or getting one. It helps smokers quit smoking. The language most commonly used between people of different nationalities, and particularly the aristocracy, was French.

In fact, French was the language of diplomacy, culture and education. However, that is not the case nowadays. English has replaced French as the international language of communication. Today there are more people who speak English as a second language than people who speak it as a first language. There are many reasons why English has become the language of international communication. Britain's colonization of many parts of the world had something to do with it, but it is mainly due to America's rise to the position of major world power.

This helped spread popular American culture throughout the world bringing the language with it. But is it good that English has spread to all parts of the world so quickly? Language specialists seem to be divided over this issue. There are those who claim that it is important to have a language that the people in our increasingly globalized world have in common. According to others, English is associated with a particular culture and therefore promotes that culture at the expense of others.

Linguists have suggested "Esperanto", an artificially put-together language, as a solution to international communication problems but without success. So, English will continue being the world language until some other language, maybe Chinese, which is the most widely-spoken native language in the world, takes over as the world's international language instead of English. According to the passage, a century ago…. French was much more popular than English.

What is chiefly responsible for the growth in popularity of English? Britain's becoming an international power. The French losing many colonies. America's becoming powerful. The development of American culture. What is meant by "the language of diplomacy" lines 4? The language used by ordinary people.

The language used by the English and the French. The language used by the aristocracy. The language used by governments. The experts don't like Esperanto. Esperanto is difficult to learn. Esperanto is not a natural language D. Esperanto is becoming more and more popular. The experts' opinion on the spread of English is ….. The author believes that ….. English is easier to learn than Chinese. English will probably be replaced as an international language. Chinese is going to be the next language of international communication.

Chinese is growing in popularity among non-native speakers. These days …… A. French is the language of diplomacy. French is a dying language. What would be a good title for this passage? English; Past, Present and Future B. English as an international Language C. English language means English culture D. We do not know exactly what causes dyslexia, but we do know tha.

We also know that more boys suffer from dyslexia than girls and that dyslexia is more common in urban areas than in rural. One of the most common signs of dyslexia is "reversals". People with this kind of problem often confuse letters like "b" and "d" when reading and writing or they sometimes read and write words like "tip" and "won" as "pit" and "now".

Other common characteristics are lack of punctuation, misspelling, mixed-up sentence structure and poor grammatical construction. People are born with dyslexia, but it is only when they begin to learn to write that it becomes a noticeable problem. For children with dyslexia, going to school can be a traumatic experience. Poor achievement can make them feel frustrated and insecure.

They are reluctant to go to school and sometimes even skip school altogether. Cheating, stealing and experimenting with drugs can also occur when children regard themselves as failures. It is a common misconception that dyslexic people are of inferior intelligence. There is no total cure for dyslexia; however, the effects of dyslexia can be lessened with the guidance of skilled specialists and a lot of determination.

When does it become apparent that a child may be suffering from dyslexia? According to the passage, dyslexic children A. The passage states that one common characteristic of dyslexics is that they The purpose of this passage is to inform readers that A. Albert Einstein was dyslexic. Who is more likely to be dyslexic? How can the effects of dyslexia be made less severe? According to the passage, which of the following is true? Dyslexia refers to a specific learning disability. Dyslexic people become famous. Dyslexia affects only reading and writing skills D.

The causes of dyslexia haven't been fully explained. Over the next twenty years, he built his business into a lucrative operation. One of Levi's customers was a tailor by the name of Jacob Davis. Among Jacob's customers was a man who kept ripping the pockets on the pants that Jacob made for him. Jacob tried to find a way to strengthen his customer's pants when, one day, it finally occurred to him. He decided to put metal rivets on the pocket corners and at the base of the button fly. It worked and the pants became an instant success. Jacob knew he had discovered something new and worried that someone might steal his idea.

So, he turned to Levi Strauss. He wrote him a letter suggesting that they hold the patent together. Being the businessman that he was, Strauss agreed immediately seeing the potential for this new product. So, on May 20, , the two men received patent number , from the US Patent and Trademark Office and went into business together.

That was the day blue jeans were born. Who would have thought back then that denim, thread and a little metal would become the most popular clothing product in the world and it's all thanks to two men - Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis. According to the passage, why did Jacob write to Levi? He didn't have the necessary funds to get a patent. He didn't know how to apply for a patent.

He had no one else to turn to. He knew Levi had the right connections. Which of the following titles best summarizes the content of the passage? The Beginning of a Successful Partnership B. The History of Jeans C. How Jeans Were Invented D. According to the passage, what happened in ? Levi set up a business with his brother, B. Levi moved to the west coast. Levi became a successful businessman. Levi started working on his own. What is true about Jacob Davis? He was Levi's friend. He was Levi's customer in Latvia.

He was Levi's business partner, D. He was Levi's tailor. Why did Jacob'put metal rivets on the pants he made? Why did Levi accept Jacob's offer? In , Levi and Jacob……. Back in the s and 70s, the world was becoming more aware of the destructive effects of industry on the environment and people were starting to think seriously about ways of protecting the environment.

One man who was particularly affected by this subject was Gerard Morgan-Grenville. As Morgan-Grenville travelled round earning his living as a gardener, he noticed signs of the damage that was being done to the countryside around him. It wasn't long before Morgan- Grenville decided that he had to do something about this situation. He felt that if people could be shown a better way of living then maybe they would be interested enough to try to protect their precious environment.

Mr Morgan-Grenville decided to set up a project that would prove what was happening to our surroundings and what could be done about it. The main aim of CAT is to search for an ecologically better way of living by using technology that does not harm the environment. One of the most important things CAT did initially was to explore and demonstrate a wide range of techniques and to point out which ones had the least destructive results on the world around us.

It is also very important for CAT to provide information and advice to people all over Britain and all over the world. If more and more individuals are informed about how much damage our modern lifestyle is doing to the planet, maybe more of them would be prepared to look for solutions.

The point about CAT is that by combining theoretical and practical ideas, it has shown ways in which people, nature and technology can exist together successfully. CAT now covers many themes, including energy-saving techniques, good use of land, the correct management of waste products, recycling and health and food issues. Visitors to CAT are able to observe many new ways of living, all of which are ecologically correct and use up less of our valuable raw materials. For example, the sewage systems at CAT that get rid of all the waste from the kitchens and bathrooms are organised so as to be completely environmentally friendly, and much of the energy used at the centre is created by power from the sun, wind or rain.

In addition, all the building methods used are ecologically ideal and no chemicals are used at the centre; for instance, no chemicals are used in gardening or cleaning. Every-thing is based on the use of natural products. One major global problem is the damage done to the whole planet by the effects of industry. Problems such as global warming, the holes in the ozone layer, the destruction of huge areas of forests, and pollution in our atmosphere are all connected to the fact that there is an increase in industry.

Now, at last, this problem is being recognised worldwide. People now agree that we want clean air, pure drinking water, safe sunlight and healthy food. What CAT is trying to do is to demonstrate that we can have all those things without the environment paying the price. Slowly, CAT is communicating its message to countries across the world. The workers at CAT hope that one day there will be so many centres all over the world that governments and managers of industry will start to change their ideas and will think more carefully about the environment.

Once this happens, the possibilities for protecting our beautiful planet will be endless. Mr Morgan-Grenville was worried about…. One of the main aims of CAT is …. Which one of the following statements is true? CAT uses a mixture of theory and practice to explain its message. CAT only uses practical solutions to explain its message. CAT has demonstrated how successful its theories are. CAT believes it would be better if technology didn't exist. Visitors to CAT ….

The increase in industry worldwide…. The workers at CAT are hoping ….. This may be because women have far more association with the spirit world. Women trust their emotions and are generally better able than men to cope with the unexpected. Housewife Fiona Blair describes herself as very practical and down-to-earth, and never believed in the idea that a house could be haunted. That all changed when she and her family moved into a manor house in the Midlands.

Although the surveyor reckoned that the house re-quired a lot of attention and was somewhat damp, they thought it was stunning. They could just afford it and it would be a good investment, so they took the plunge and decided to buy it. Nonetheless, right from the start, Fiona had a strange sense that they were not alone in the house.

One of her teenage daughters had left a towel over the back of a chair in the kitchen. Fiona was in the garden, and when she returned to the house, the towel was over the kitchen table like a tablecloth. On other occasions the family would find that objects such as glasses and vases had been turned upside-down.

This was only the start of the peculiar happenings. A particularly strange incident happened on Fiona's birthday. Fiona's husband, Mark, came home from work and went into the living room. He immediately came rushing out to ask who had bought her the beautiful flowers -but nobody had given Fiona flowers and her daughters had not put the flowers there. It remained a mystery how they had miraculously appeared. Fiona was curious and decided to find out about the history of the house. What she discovered was rather alarming. Apparently a young girl, servant to a previous generation of owners, had been found dead in peculiar circumstances in the attic.

Fiona and her family inevitably began to feel claustrophobic and trapped in the house, and eventually decided that they would have to move. Each time they at-tempted to show the house to potential buyers, Fiona would of course ensure beforehand that everything was neat and tidy in order to make a good impression. But by the time anyone arrived, the entire house would be in a complete mess, and visitors complained of an unpleasant atmosphere.

Eventually, after many months, an American couple viewed the house, and decided it had a certain attraction. For some reason, the ghost did not play its usual tricks, and Fiona was able to sell what had been her dream home. Now living in a spacious modern apartment in London, Fiona wants to forget it all and move on with her life. We can almost laugh about it all now, but I hope we never experience anything like that again. Why did the writer and her husband want to move into the house in the Midlands? They were eager to find out if it had a ghost. They were attracted by the appearance of it.

They knew someone important had lived there. They werejooking for a house to modernise. After they moved in, they …. What happened on Fiona's birthday? Her daughters bought her flowers. There was an unexplained occurrence. A burglar broke into the living room. Mark forgot to buy a present. What had happened to the servant girl? She had killed herself in the attic.

She was murdered by the owners. She had been locked in the attic. She died in the house. What did the ghost do when they decided to sell the house? It disappeared immediately. It made people viewing it feel unwelcome. It tidied the house. It made horrible noises. What does "it" first sentence of the last paragraph refer to? The first fact is that burglars and other intruders prefer easy opportunities, like a house which is very obviously empty. This is much less of a challenge than an occupied house, and one which is well-protected.

A burglar will wonder if it is worth the bother. There are some general tips on how to avoid your home becoming another crime statistic. Avoid leaving signs that your house is empty. When you have to go out, leave at least one light on as well as a radio or television, and do not leave any curtains wide open. The sight of your latest music centre or computer is enough to tempt any burglar. Never leave a spare key in a convenient hiding place.

The first place a burglar will look is under the doormat or in a flower pot and even somewhere more "imaginative" could soon be uncovered by the intruder. It is much safer to leave a key with a neighbour you can trust. But if your house is in a quiet, desolate area be aware that this will be a burglar's dream, so deter any potential criminal from approaching your house by fitting security lights to the outside of your house.

But what could happen if, in spite of the aforementioned precautions, a burglar or intruder has decided to target your home. Windows are usually the first point of entry for many intruders. Downstairs windows provide easy access while upstairs windows can be reached with a ladder or by climbing up the drainpipe. Before going to bed you should double-check that all windows and shutters are locked.

No matter how small your windows may be, it is surprising what a narrow gap a determined burglar can manage to get through. For extra security, fit window locks to the inside of the window. What about entry via doors? Your back door and patio doors, which are easily forced open, should have top quality security locks fitted. Even though this is expensive it wrill be money well spent.

Install a burglar alarm if you can afford it as another line of defence against intruders. A sobering fact is that not all intruders have to break and enter into a property. Why go to the trouble of breaking in if you can just knock and be invited in? Beware of bogus officials or workmen and, particularly if you are elderly, fit a chain and an eye hole so you can scrutinise callers at your leisure. When you do have callers never let anybody into your home unless you are absolutely sure they are genuine.

Ask to see an identity card, for example. If you are in the frightening position of waking in the middle of the night and think you can hear an intruder, then on no account should you approach the intruder. Far better to telephone the police and wait for help. A well-protected house …. According to the writer, we should …. The writer thinks that hiding a key under a doormat or flower pot…. The "aforementioned precautions" refer to steps that …. Gaining entry to a house through a small window …. According to the writer, window locks, security locks and burglar alarms …..

The writer argues that fitting a chain and an eye hole….

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The best title for the text is ….. Increasing Household Crime. Protecting Your Home from Intruders C. Burglary Statistics. Only 1 in 10 teens eats the recommended amount of fruit and the only vegetable that many teens eat is "chips". Most teens in the developed world are eating too much but are still not getting the vital nutrients to help them grow and stay healthy. More information about nutrition and healthy eating is needed to help young people eat properly.

Teens who diet often cut out food they need, such as bread or milk, because they think it is fattening. Others don't know what foods to choose in the school canteen in order to have a balanced diet. There is a saying "you are what you eat". So if you want to become the next David Beckham then you'd better start eating properly. Exercise Lack of money in schools plus increased pressure to do well in the course exams means that teenagers are doing less sport in school than ever before. Girls, in particular, are more likely to suffer from lack of exercise and up to 4 in 10 girls stop playing sports in their early teenage years.

Just because you aren't sporty doesn't mean you can't be active. Walk or cycle to school instead of taking the bus. Help at home with the housework or gardening. Go dancing with your friends.

Nhạc chính thức World Cup 1998 The cup of life

There are lots of ways you can stop being a couch potato! Sleep If "we are what we eat" then sleep is like food for the brain. Teens need at least 9 hours' sleep every night and even mild sleepiness can affect your performance, humour and health. Lack of sleep can make you tired, angry or depressed.

In the USA some schools are starting classes at 10 a. These schools have noticed an improvement in their students' work. The text suggests that teenagers …. According to the text, teens who go on a diet cut down on …. Most teens in the developed world ….. Schools put pressure on students to According to the text, many secondary school students on school nights According to the text, some schools in the USA have changed the starting time of lessons because They are among more than 70 hard-core graffiti artists thought to be operating in London today.

Most are aged under Graffiti artists, or "graffers", operate in many British towns. They often work at night, covering walls, trains and railway stations with brightly painted murals or scrawls in spray paint and marker pen. Some people regard graffiti as a form of vandalism and a menace, London Underground says that rail users find it ugly and offensive. It spent five months tracking down the recently prosecuted gang.

Graffiti art can also be a dangerous pastime. The London Underground says that some teenagers have died in accidents during nocturnal graffiti "raids". However, others say that graffiti at its best is an art form. Art galleries in London and New York have exhibited work by increasingly famous graffiti artists.

Even some of those who think graffiti is wrong admit that graffers are talented. There is a difference between "good graffiti" and vandalism, says Dean Colman, a year-old graffiti artist. Some graffiti are disgusting. There's a big difference between that and graffiti which can brighten up grey walls. His days of illegal spraying are behind him, he says. He has worked on a television programme about graffiti, designed a series of government posters, and decorated nightclubs.

He has exhibited his work at Battersea Arts Centre in London, and he has taught graffiti-spraying in youth clubs. Dean sees himself as an artist, and thinks that graffiti art does not get due recognition. The graffiti artists arrested recently in London were …. The attitude of London Underground is that graffiti …. The British Transport Police …. Bary Kogan, who defended one of the convicted graffiti artists, thinks they ….

Dean Colman …. The writer ….. At 6 o'clock he approaches his desk, and carefully organizes everything in preparation for the study period to follow. Having everything in place he next carefully adjusts each item again, giving himself time to complete the first excuse: He also realizes that if he is going to study it is best to have such small items completely out of the way before settling down to the task at hand. He therefore leaves his desk, browses through the newspaper and notices as he browses that there are more articles of interest than he had originally thought.

He also notices, as he leafs through the pages, the entertainment section. At this point it will seem like a good idea to plan for the evening's first break - perhaps an interesting half-hour programme between 8 and 8.

Ở trận đấu sắp tới với Jordan, HLV Park Hang Seo sẽ đối đầu với HLV Vital Borkelmans.

He finds the programme and it inevitably starts at about 7. At this point, he thinks, "Well, I've had a difficult day and it's not too long before the programme starts, and I need a rest anyway and the relaxation will really help me to get down to studying At this stage, he still hovers over his desk tapping his book reassur-ingly as he remembers that phone call to a friend which, like the articles of interest in the newspapers, is best cleared out of the way before the serious studying begins.

The phone call, of course, is much more interesting and longer than originally planned, but eventually the intrepid student finds himself back at his desk at about 8. At this point in the proceedings he actually sits dowrn at the desk, opens the book with a display of physical determination and starts to read usually page one as he experiences the first pangs of hunger and thirst. This is disastrous because he realizes that the longer he waits to satisfy the pangs, the worse they will get, and the more interrupted his study concentration will be.

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The obvious and only solution is a light snack. This, in its preparation, grows as more and more tasty items are piled onto the plate. The snack becomes a feast. Having removed this final obstacle the desk is returned to with the certain knowledge that this time there is nothing that could possibly interfere with the following period of study. The first couple of sentences on page one are looked at again Far better at this juncture to watch that other interesting half-hour programme at 10 o'clock after which the digestion will be mostly completed and the rest will enable him to really get down to the task at hand.

Even at this point, when he has been woken up by whoever comes into the room, he will think that things have not gone too badly, for after all he has had a good rest, a good meal, watched some interesting and relaxing programmes, fulfilled his social commitments to his friends, digested the day's information, and got everything completely out of the way so that tomorrow, at 6 o'clock The student in fact reads the newspaper in order to ….

The student starts planning his first break….. After he watches television, the student's study period is further delayed because … A. What does "this final obstacle" refer to? The text suggests that the next day the person …. Which best describes the writer's attitude to the student he is describing?

He is angry with him. He is gently poking fun at him. He feels sorry for him. He doesn't care about him. The writer thinks that the reader … A. Working in five teams with four women in each team, they walked to the North Pole. Apart from one experienced female guide, the other women were all ordinary people who had never done anything like this in their lives before.

They managed to survive in an environment which had defeated several very experienced men during the same few spring months of that year. Who were these women and how did they succeed where others failed? In an advertisement about a selection for the expedition was put in several British newspapers.

110 Bai Doc Hieu Tieng Anh

Nearly one hundred women took part in the first selection weekend and then, after several training expeditions designed to weed out unsuitable applicants, twenty women were chosen. The youngest of these was twenty-one and the oldest fifty-one. In the group there was a mother of triplets, a teacher, a flight at-tendant and even a film producer. They were a mixed bunch but they all really wanted to take part in the venture and make it a success. They also committed themselves to following an intensive physical training programme before leaving the UK so that they were fit enough to take part in the expedition without endangering their own or others' lives.

The women set off as soon as they were ready. Once in the ice, each woman had to ski along while dragging a sledge weighing over 50 kilos. This would not have been too bad on a smooth surface, but for long stretches, the Arctic ice is pushed up into huge mounds two or three metres high and the sledges had to be hauled up one side and carefully let down the other side so that they didn't smash.

The temperature was always below freezing point and sometimes strong winds made walking while pulling so much weight almost impossible. It was also very difficult to put up their tents when they stopped each night. In such conditions the women were making good progress if they covered fourteen of fifteen kilometers a day. But there was another problem. Part of the journey was across a frozen sea with moving water underneath the ice and at some points the team would drift back more than five kilometers during the night.

That meant that after walking in these very harsh conditions for ten hours on one day, they had to spend part of the next day covering the same ground again. Furthermore, each day it would take three hours from waking up to setting off and another three hours every evening to set up the camp and prepare the evening meal. So, how did they manage to succeed? They realised that they were part of a team. If any one of them didn't pull her sledge or get her job done, she would be jeopardizing the success of the whole expedition. Any form of selfishness could result in the efforts of everyone else being completely wasted, so personal feelings had to be put to one side.

At the end of their journey, the women agreed that it was mental effort far more than physical fitness that got them to the North Pole. What was so extraordinary about the expedition? There was no one to lead it. The women did not have any men with them. It was a new experience for most of the women. The women had not met one another before. What did the women who answered the advertisement have in common? They were about the same age B. They had all suffered pain and discomfort C. They all had plenty of money D. They all wanted to achieve a goal 3.

What did each woman have to do before the start of the expedition? On the expedition, the women had to be careful to avoid… A. It was difficult for the women to cover 15 kilometres a day because ….. What is the main message of the text? Motivation and teamwork achieve goals B. Women can do anything they want C. It is sometimes good to experience difficult conditions D. The game was originally played in the courtyards of royal palaces, using the walls like squash rather than a net. One of the Grand Slam tournaments takes place in Wimbledon every year. So here you are, standing in the queue to buy your ticket to watch the matches.

Everybody is waiting for their turn to get inside. Nobody is pushing. If you are English, you will have all the necessary things with you: At last you go through the gates, and you discover the atmosphere. People are sitting under their umbrellas enjoying the British weather. The atmosphere is calm and controlled.

You feel as if you are in a select private club - and, in fact, you are. The gardens are superb well, you are in England Every year 3, geraniums are planted! What is so special about Wimbledon? Well, it is the oldest tournament in the world, and the last of the big four championships to be played on natural grass.

The American, Australian and French Championships are played on cement, artificial grass and clay. All the players must dress only in white. Wimbledon is free from sponsorship, which makes it different from almost all other sporting events. This means that there are no advertising banners around the courts. The people who come to watch the matches, compared to those who watch many other international tournaments, are well disciplined. You can only sometimes hear shouts or whistles when a player prepares to serve.

And if any spectator behaves badly, he or she may be asked to leave. You think that the English are very serious tennis fans. But if you want a good place, you may well find one around 4 p. Where has everybody gone? Look in the tents: After all, tennis is just one of many traditions, and the English like to continue them all - especially tea! Adapted from Love English, 1. The Fortnight is …… A.

To enter Wimbledon you have to …. Which of these sentences is true? Most of the courts at Wimbledon have artificial grass. Only the Wimbledon tournament is played on natural grass. The Wimbledon championships are played on cement or clay. All four Grand Slam Tournaments are played on natural grass. Spectators at Wimbledon …. It is easier to find a seat at 4 o'clock because …. English spectators go to some special tents.

The text is mainly about ….

They are people who drive dog sledges. Every year, on the first Saturday in March, 60 to 75 teams of mushers from around the world start the Iditarod, Alaska's famous sled-dog race. The race goes from Anchorage to the city of Nome. How did the Iditarod start?

In , there was a diphtheria epidemic in Nome. Serum was sent from Anchorage to protect Nome's children. But it was very far. The serum was transported by train as far as possible. But then the train lines stopped. There were still miles to cross in a cold, hostile environment. There was only one solution. Men and their dogs transported the serum, warming it occasionally.

On February 2nd, the serum finally arrived in Nome. Hundreds of children were saved.

Báo UAE chế giễu ‘Messi Thái Lan’: Gã số 18 chỉ cao 1,57 m

The Iditarod was started in to commemorate this. The route is symbolically miles long: The race starts in Anchorage: There are more than twenty checkpoints on the Iditarod, some in Eskimo villages. The mushers' dogs are Huskies, Mala-mutes and Samoyeds. These dogs love to run, to make their masters happy, and their masters want to come first in the race. The lead dogs are the ones who best obey the mushers' commands.

They are generally the mushers' favorites. When the dogs are not running, they live outside, attached on long chains near a dog house. Many mushers raise their own dogs. Others borrow or rent them. A musher knows all his dogs' names and he sometimes has dogs! They travel across mountains, the frozen Yukon River, forests and ice fields, all in the horrible cold. They do it for the love of it, but there are many dangers, too: The race is difficult.

But to the people who do the Iditarod, the Alaskan silence is the most beautiful sound in the world. They really enjoy it. Adapted from I Love English, 1. The Iditarod is a race in which The serum to protect the children got to Nome A. The Iditarod teams leave A. The mushers The people who take part in the Iditarod like … A.

Which of these is the best title for the text? Saving the Children of Nome B. Alaskan Hunting Expedition C. Lost in the Snow D. Yet for such an ambitious and unlikely idea it has earned its share of notoriety. Iraq's only Esperanto teacher was expelled during the regime. And billionaire benefactor George Soros owes his prosperity to the idea: To hear a growing number of enthusiasts tell it, the language's most glorious days may actually lie ahead. Though numbers are hard to come by - and those available are hard to believe the Universal Esperanto Society - UES - estimates 8 million speakers - the language may be spreading in developing nations in Africa, Asia and South America.

Meanwhile, a small community of diehards has been lobbying to make it the official language of the European Union. Indeed, Esperanto seems perfect for a modern age, when global barriers are being torn down by free trade, immigration and the Internet. The renewed enthusiasm for the language was on display in Goth-enburg, Sweden, at the 88lh annual World Esperanto Congress. Some 1, members of the Universal Esperanto Association - from places as varied as Japan, Israel, Nepal and Brazil - conversed in what sounds like a mixture of overenunciated Italian and softly spoken Polish.

Organizers say attendance outstripped last year's meeting by almost 20 percent. Meanwhile, the number of Esperanto home pages has jumped from in to in So what's the big appeal? Unlike that other global language, Esperanto puts everyone on a level playing field; native English speakers make up only 10 percent of the world population, but they expect everybody else to be as articulate as they are. Back in his time, people were drawn to Esperanto because it is five times easier to learn than English and ten times simpler than Russian.

Nowadays, European Esperanto speakers tend to be older throw-backs of the cold-war era - though, as sources report, students in Poland and Hungary can still earn PhD's in the language. Many believe the popularity of the language in the developing world is being fueled by growing resentment of English as the language of global commerce and political rhetoric.

But in today's rapidly shrinking world, the timing couldn't be better. Abridged from Newsweek, August 1. In the first paragraph, the writer mentions … A. From the first paragraph, we can infer that George Soros… A. The word "numbers", in paragraph two, refers to … A. Esperanto users all over the world. Internet users who learn Esperanto. What do you learn about the 88th World Esperanto Congress?

The people present in Gothenburg practised a variety of languages. The participants were encouraged to set up new Esperanto websites. The number of its participants exceeded the number present the year before. The participants had an opportunity to see different displays organized there. Which of these facts is not mentioned as an advantage that Esperanto has over English? Nobody is privileged to be a native speaker of Esperanto. Esperanto is not as hard to learn as the English language. English is much more difficult to pronounce than Esperanto.

More and more people reject English as a global language. In the last paragraph, the author of the article …. There are two types of shoplifters people who steal goods from shops: Non-professionals know that there are consequences, and they usually have the money to pay, but they continue to steal anyway. These people steal items they often don't need and sometimes don't use. Although people of all ages shoplift, almost one third of all shoplifters arrested by the police are between the ages of 13 and Teens usually steal things that they can't afford or are not allowed to buy, such as CDs, cosmetics, clothes and cigarettes.

But many also steal things they could simply buy. Your heart starts to race, and all you can think about is getting out of the store," the girl added. Teens who shoplift often believe their actions don't really hurt anyone. They don't think that shoplifting means stealing. They think that the store will not notice the losses. They are wrong. Stores know exactly how many articles they lose, and the costs are huge.

Ask teens who shoplift why they do it, and they usually say they don't know. Or they may say that it's fun; shoplifting can cheer up the mood of a teen who is feeling depressed, angry or bored. Friends can also force friends to shoplift together - to be cool. But why? Shoplifters usually don't know the true motivations behind their actions. However, shoplifting can become an addiction. In fact, drug addicts who shoplift say it is as hard to stop stealing as it is to quit drugs.

Without intervention, shoplifting can become a dangerous lifetime habit. For teens who are just "trying out" shoplifting, the best thing that can happen is getting caught. And the sooner, the better. When they are caught by store security personnel, they feel frightened, and the experience can stop many teens from repeating their behaviour. Shoplifting is stealing. Stealing is wrong. It's really just that simple. Adapted from Weekly Reader, 1. According to paragraph one, …. In paragraph two, you can find out …. Paragraph three is about the reasons why … A.

Paragraph four informs you that… A. According to paragraph five, ….. Which of the following would be the best title for the text? How to Catch Shoplifters B. How to Recognise Shoplifters C. Teenagers Who Steal from Shops D. This is the question that a TV company wanted to answer, so they ran an experiment. The experiment was a second chance for year-old Ryan Bell. He had never had the opportunities that his new classmates at Downside School had.

Page 6. Fresh face fresh era of govt? Until a month ago,. Page 8. Rwanda executes 22 for genocide Hutu extremists implicated in killing of minority Tutsis and moderate Hutus put to death in the capital Kigali and four provincial towns KIGALI Rwanda executed 22 people in public on Friday for their roles in the genocide, pressing ahead with its first such judicial.

Page 9. His victims suv prostitutes were shot in the head after being made to kneel. The killer, who is said to drive a Mercedes, is also wanted for the murder of. Page Arabs who want peace with their powerful neighbour are angry and frustrated. Hence the two companies have teamed up to offer a standard computer moulded into a child-sized purple-and-yellow plastic.

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Mr Borrell, who had distanced himself from the powerful legacy of former Prime Minister Felipe Gonzalez, defeated Socialist sec-retary-general Joaquin Almunia,. Page 5. Page 7. Here Japanese veterinarian Noriko Shimuzu treats a puppy using acupuncture above while kittens are treated to moxibustion, a process in which herbs are burnt near the hir right.

The question is whether we. China, he said, was galvanising the nation to restructure and develop its economy. For Dotn computing onS no n- computing.

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The first fact is that burglars and other intruders prefer easy opportunities. Sofiane Feghouli. They are people who drive dog sledges. He wanted his films to make money. Thomas Edison and Hans Christian Andersen were apparently all dyslexic.

Now the information you need is at your fingertips anywhere, anytime. And the best part is,. But it said July 26 would still stand as polling day. The recommendation to delay voter registration, due to start tomorrow, until May. Kuwait to take over Hornets U. The Prime Minister came to this remote railway cutting in Kanchanaburi. Vietnam has introduced strict anti-drug laws as part of a clampdown on trafnek- AFP ing and drug use. The statement said Mr Jose Maria Sison, the founder of a communist insurgent movement, was supposed to meet President.

Mr Bush, who now advises a range of large US firms on investment and business strategy, will pay a visit on June 5 and 6 at the invitation of. The man was arrested by two military officers in the Maluku capital of Ambon who hauled him up when. He was one of six Thais caught hiding in the vehicle. Bernama reported yesterday. New Straits Times. The Star reported yesterday that canteen operators had cut their purchase of chicken. Five people had died from cholera and one from typhoid.

Revealing this yesterday, Health Minister Datuk Chua Jui Meng reminded the people in the state to take care of their food. For a free sampler of CvberScholar. Over half have branded items MORE than half of the teenagers surveyed had bought a branded item in the past year. Most said they did so because they thought it made them look good. Her wages cover. Asked why she wanted one, the Secondary. He said that his company had. Speaker sales: Residents may get to show they can recycle CAN recycling may take root right in the Hougang area as early as this July.

He was He joined the newspaper in as an executive subeditor, and was with the foreign desk for nine years. Before that, he was a chief sub-editor. False declaration puts ex-MP in jail manent residence here. In his defence, Low denied telling or hinting to the Sri Lankan that he should obtain a forged degree to support his application. Nor did he know that the degree was false when he signed the application as a sponsor, he. The money will be deducted from their bank accounts on the 17th of each month instead of the 14th when the payment is normally due.

CPF Board chairman Dr. Record number at Walkshops THE New Paper Big Walk looks set to take a big leap in participation numbers this year as registration figures nit a record high at the Walkshops. A Singapore Press Holdings spokesman confirmed that 2, people have signed up at the two Walkshops held last month.

The facts Of the 1, patients, about 80 per cent are aged 65 or younger and stay an average of three years. The rest stay an average of five years. Most suffer from chronic schizophrenia, while dementia is also common among older patients. They are there. Madam Tan not her real name , who turned last September, is its oldest patient. The MPs learn to balance the interests of workers and bosses, said the former Senior Minister.

It has not retrenched a single worker since it set up its plant in. They gave the world excitement, passion and and finals of the World Cup. For reservations, contact your. No Compulsory Purchase of Accossorios! April 28, 2. The index of 30 leading industrials shed On the broader. Demand for such. Unit trust managers have stable returns and are a. Locate its owner through Classification Found. Simply call C JLT. I CATS. Two of them say why they opted for bonds, rather than equities. There are many types, including government bonds and corporate bonds.

Fixed -rate bonds paj a fixed interest rate, while floating-rate bonds have their interest rates pegged to a reference rate, plus a spread, which would be adjusted periodically. For example,. The Citi Global Bond Fund. The best performing bond fund in Singapore. A return of The death of pol pot Bogeyman no more Hun Sen can no longer use him to scare Cambodians. Prdfi i. The politicians are slightly older, averaging 53, while permanent secretaries have a mean age of Not surprisingly, judges of the Supreme Court form the oldest group on the list 59 years.

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The Singapore. But although the service plays its cards close to its chest, it is. OUR PS list includes only full-time positions in the public sector. But many high-powered individuals are co-opted by the. It was only in that the American Telemedicine Association was launched and an international conference held at the Mayo Clinic. The idea behind giving firms limited liability or allowing them to incorporate is to. No, it is not because there are so many Britons in Hongkong although there do seem to be more of them here than in.

A Political Biography of Pol Pot. He contributed this comment to the International Herald Tribune. The changes The PLA will be smaller, but more skilled, in line with the new strategy to field fewer but better troops, with the aim of fighting a high-tech war instead of a conventional one. In military construction, emphasis will be on technology-intensive capability rather than manpower-intensive ones. Human beings in the hundreds of millions are shedding their feudal mentality,. Will the book be extinct? To celebrate, Sunday Review presents an ode to the book and takes a look at its evolution from papyrus to electrons PICK up a book.

Feel tne weight and reassuring sturdiness of a hardcover, with. The first named author in history is a woman. Princess Enheduanna, born around 2, BC, who lived in Mesopotamia. She was a priestess and composed a series of songs. Writing is invented in Mesopotamia now the Middle East by the Sumerians in order to keep track of taxes. Cuneiform writing, wedge-shaped symbols made by pressing a stylus to wet clay, was soon used to keep track of everyday business. His wife,. Darren Lam Teng Soon Brothers: Chew Beow. KG Fenimal D. Russia finished second and Germany third. In a pro Qualifying test, he shot rounds of 74 and 78 at the challenging Classic course of Laguna National Golf and Country Club to make the grade at his third.

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Woodlands Wellington beat Balestier Central in one of the most exciting en- counters seen in the three years. Azmi Tahir cleared off the line. The scoreline did not fully reflect the proceedings at Tampines Stadium. Few opportunities had been created. Tampines, fresh from a win over defending champion Mountbatten FC last week, is. When will referees speak up? The alleged stone-hurl-ing incident at Jurong, the outpouring of verbal abuse at.

Tales of the Vengaman: Not dead, but passed beyond Tin mist that binds us here, Into the newer larger life. Of that clouded sphere. Discount tor MTUC mambors. Atr-cond parlourt. Qualified proftttlonal tmbalman. Wan 57 3. Bold Wave, who dislodged apprentice Kalitazan on the way to the barriers, was inspected by the vet surgeon and passed fit to race.