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Setting up PHP, MySQL, and Apache in Mac OSX Leopard

Or knuckle down and install Xcode and learn how to build and install php alongside the existing and explicitly disabled php4 installation; run some Google searches and take a look around for the details on this process including [Entropy http: Given it appears you're unfamiliar with using phpinfo to determine the configuration and versions, working to retrofit php5 through any of the available means means you're going to be learning rather much about Mac OS X Server and Mac OS X Server system administration, and around building php.

And to a lesser extent, learning about IP networking.

A: Building and Installing libXML2 (Required for PHP 5)

Setting up MySQL 5 and PHP 5 under Mac OS X (Tiger) Setting up MySQL is just as easy as installing Xcode, as the developers have kindly. Install Entropy PHP 5 binary package. Go to Entropy Mac OS X PHP and download the PHP archive for Apache Uncompress it with the terminal and launch.

This php program is very useful, but don't leave this lying around in your web directories. Best easiest option if you don't want to provide on-going support for and security of this stuff yourself and deal with the operations of and interactions with the various pieces of Mac OS X Server and its installed php4 bits?

Upgrade off of As for your choice here, you know your own current gear best and particularly whether it is supported for use with Leopard Server, for instance , and with how you want to spend your time and your budget here. And when you're budgeting this, should you add your own php5 pieces here, you're also accepting the ongoing costs and time for the upkeep and any subsequent upgrades needed for the php5 bits you've loaded. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. When I ran 'make test' as a prior command to 'make install' make test wasn't mentioned in TopicDesk's instructions , I got the two error messages: Or should I go all out and upgrade the server OS to Next, I tried Entropy's 5.

After the installer happily installed PHP 5 without any complaints, Server Admin could no longer get web service to start anymore until I removed the symbolic link to Entropy PHP's conf file. When done, enter sudo make install to install the files to their predetermined locations.

Building and Installing Apache 2 and PHP 5.0.5 on Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger

In this state,. If you have the TextMate command-line utility mate installed, these next steps are quite easy. After making this change, also change the location a few lines down: Finally, save and exit. Back at the Terminal prompt, enter sudo apachectl graceful to reboot Apache and let everything fly. I hope that helps some people setting up a PHP coding environment out there!

A final note: Us lesser men might use MAMP http: Great post though. Like Like. Does it offer something I am not aware of? Secondly, I have had in the past to switch my socket port in the terminal.

MAMP: Drag, drop, done.

Ever come across this issue? Nice writeup…ahh the beauties of OSX. Good question! If you want to add additional features, tweak the installation to your liking, or just get good at deploying a server, compiling everything yourself is the way to go. I followed these instructions and now my PHP pages display as text. I finally just compiled from source, what I should have done to start. I rectified the problem by purchasing a copy of TextMate.

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Feel free to keep the discussion going in the Comments below. Or you can enter the following command in the terminal:. Browse Search. I struggled too getting this stuff working in previous attempts in the past. Good Luck….

This was right when Snow Leopard came out so this may issue may have been rectified. The former is just a symbolic link to the latter. Good Luck…. Must be a permissions thing but I checked the file permissions of the etc folder and it does say system: Can you help? Or are they the same? I skipped that section and proceed through to get php to work. In teh erminal I get this:. Im logged in as Administrator and still cannot edit the httpd. Im not a programmer so this question may be stupid, but anyway.

All these settings have to be done using the root user when logging into my Mac? Yes that is correct… you need to be logged in as an Administrator to make changes to system files. Thanks for visiting. If you look on or around line in your httpd. Change the example email address to your desired address, then restart apache.

I think that should do it. In some error messages from Apache, it asks the user to contact the system administrator and shows an email address. Do you know how to change the email address that is shown in this error message from Apache? Where does it get it from? Thanks so much for the tutorial. I had to modify the php. I also changed the directories in my. Thank you so much for this!!

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Thanks very much! Your instructions on editing the my. Much appreciated. This article, http: I am able to start the server via the System Preferences Pane as well as from the command line. And… I made the connection without needing to put in a password for root, even though I set up a root password through the MySQL administrator when I edited the account.

Server info: Darwin 9.

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However, below root I have localhost, root mvanorshoven. So where to next?

Some frequent Issues:

YES …. Extremely helpful. You included everything into one place, made it very simple to understand. I thank you deeply for this great info. Had it set up in 30 min! Ok sounds like mysql. This is interesting because on the PowerPC machine I use at work it is like that too. Check it out and see if that helps…. Yesterday, I moved mysql. I moved mysql. So I reinstalled Mysql. Mysql was running this morning and php was running until I moved mysql.

I moved the mysql. Before I moved the mysql. I would give that a shot yeah. Do you suggest that I try moving it again and restarting again? Make sure you restart Apache before accessing your virtual hosts.

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Sounds like MySQL could be corrupted perhaps? Did you restart MySQL after you moved mysql. Off the top of my head that would seem to be a likely culprit. However, I was unable to make mysql work when I moved the mysql.

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Let me bother you with it, as some of you may have already gone through it.. After following all steps about VH, I have a permission problems and error After downloading all files needed to work with mysql I cannot connect to the server neither through mysql preferences in system preferences nor through terminal. In both cases my Mac is working through my command for about 1M, and then nothing happens..

Hi Stevie, a quick thanks.