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Adobe Audition CS6's new features harmonize with video, radio, and podcast production Pls do note my device is last generation Mbox2 mini. Can some one give any advice on how to shoot the problem? Or Mbox2 mini and Protool 9. Thanks in advance. Try to download the latest drivers, Pro Tools, Mbox3, to update your system Sometimes the things are not so perfect on Pro Tools automatic detection, you have to: Than Save Your config. Just 1 question?

Your Mac cant recognize Mbox, or you cant config to work in Pro Tools? Just to be sure, test in you mbox in other programs, Sonar x1, Adobe Audition, Cubase etc Ableton Live. Problem solved. I downloaded mbox2 mini driver for Mac and installed it, after rebooting my mac, it just worked! Thread Tools. All times are GMT The time now is Powered by: Forum Hosted By: User Name. This feature worked as advertised.


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Audition CS6 interface. Clip time-stretching has also returned. To use this feature, simply enable it, click on the Stretch triangle in the top right corner of the clip, and drag to the left to compress it in time, or drag to the right to stretch it.


There are three stretching modes: Varispeed stretching also affects pitch—if you compress the clip, its pitch rises, if you lengthen it, the pitch falls—much as if you changed the speed on a tape recorder. However, for its intended purpose—to strip or add a few seconds to fit a commercial radio spot or video clip—Audition's time-stretching technology works quite well.

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Like Audition 3 before it, you can group clips and burn CDs. I often use Audition to edit the Macworld podcasts and often I need to shift clips on separate tracks to the same amount of time. In these cases, the ability to group clips and move them as a single unit is welcome.

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I also appreciate the ability to mute and unmute grouped clips. As for CD burning, there are audio editors who need to burn their projects in Redbook-compatible format. There are new features as well.

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Audition now includes a media browser—a pane used to navigate to the audio and video assets on your drive. I found it helpful for locating assets I use from one project to another—audio bumpers and music, for instance. And it provides a lot of useful information about those assets—the media type, duration, sample rate, number of channels, and bit depth, for example.

Its most helpful feature is the ability to save assets as shortcuts. For example, save a folder full of bumpers as a shortcut and easily call it up when working on another project that requires them. My one beef with the media browser is that you must navigate through a folder hierarchy to locate your files.

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You can easily group non-continguous clips in multiple tracks. Using it you can select audio that you intend to cut. But before actually making that cut, you can ask Audition to skip over the selection on playback.

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This lets you preview your edit. Another interesting new feature is Automatic Speech Alignment. Using this feature you select the original and replacement clips, choose the original as the reference clip, and align the clips.

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Such tweaking is less necessary when overdubbing a foreign language track. Audition now offers five separate clipboards, making it easier to manage copied content. This version of Audition continues to support roundtrip editing with Adobe Premiere Pro. Thanks to automatic and manual pitch correction you can tweak inaccurate notes in a musical performance. And the Markers panel is more useful in that it now shows all the markers in all the files in your project in a single window.