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This got the code to compile with GNU Fortran. This syntax used to be OK in the original Fortran standard but evidently not in the newer F or F standards. F90 accordingly. Overall machine memory limits are set with the Unix limit command.

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It is important to set the stacksize memory to the maximum value, because this will determine the amount of memory available for temporary variables, which are:. However, one quirk is that the stacksize memory for child processes i. As long as it's set to a high positive number it will work. This will make it easier to switch between compilers on your system. Debra Weisenstein wrote: Bob Yantosca wrote: Prasad Kasibhatla wrote: David Lary wrote: Bob Yantosca replied: Geert Vinken wrote: If your code uses many large arrays, or if you are compiling an ultra-fine resolution version of GEOS-Chem e.

However, this also requires that you use link using dynamic libraries instead of the normal shared libraries. Using the -shared-intel flag will turn on the dynamic library linking. Starting with GEOS-Chem v , these compiler flags will be applied to the build sequence automatically.

GEOS-Chem v and higher will automatically set these flags for you. Tzung-May Fu wrote: Philippe Le Sager wrote: Eric Sofen wrote: Yuxuan Wang wrote: Nicolas Bousserez wrote: If you are using a the Intel Fortran Compiler version 11, you may encounter some incompatibilities with your operating system, which might require an OS upgrade. Hyperthreading is when a job uses more threads than there are actual CPU cores. This does not have a positive impact when using earlier generations of Intel chips Harpertown or Clovertown. Special care has to be taken when passing pointer arrays or sub-fields of dervied type objects to subroutines.

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In addition to the VTune profiler, there is Intel Advisor that specializes in vectorization optimization and tools for threading design and prototyping. Into The Wave says: It causes the executable to link all libraries statically. Quick Links. Enables optimizations for speed and disables some optimizations that increase code size and affect speed. Regarding threading errors, it helps detect data races both heap and stack , deadlocks and thread and synch API errors.

If this is done incorrectly, it can cause a huge performance slowdown. For more information, please see these wiki posts:. Intel Fortran Compiler From Geos-chem.

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Privacy policy About Geos-chem Disclaimers. Path to the netCDF library folder e. Path to the netCDF Fortran library folder e. Turns off all optimizations. Math expressions will be evaluated in the same order in which they are written, which is necessary for debugging. If you are using a debugger such as Totalview , compile with -g -O0.

Enables optimizations for speed and disables some optimizations that increase code size and affect speed. The -O1 option may improve performance for applications with very large code size, many branches, and execution time not dominated by code within loops. Setting -O1 automatically sets the following options: Enables optimizations for speed. This is the generally recommended optimization level. This option also enables: Inlining of intrinsics Intra-file interprocedural optimizations, which include: Enables -O2 optimizations plus more aggressive optimizations, such as prefetching, scalar replacement, and loop and memory access transformations.

Enables optimizations for maximum speed, such as: Loop unrolling, including instruction scheduling Code replication to eliminate branches Padding the size of certain power-of-two arrays to allow more efficient cache use. Turns on the C-preprocessor, to evaluate if and define statements in the source code. Suppresses all compiler warnings. This is mainly a convenience to prevent excessive output to the screen or log file.

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Optimizes the source code for speed, without taking too many liberties with numerical precision. For more information, please see the optimization options section above. This option places local variables scalars and arrays of all types , except those declared as SAVE , on the run-time stack. Prevents the compiler from padding bytes anywhere in common blocks and structures. Padding can affect numerical precision. Specifies that the format will be big endian for integer data and big endian IEEE floating-point for real and complex data. Rounds intermediate results to source-defined precision and enables value-safe optimizations.

Basically, this tells the compiler not to take too many liberties with how numerical expressions are evaluated.

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For more information about this option, please see our precision-safe optimization section below. This option tells the compiler to generate extra information in the object file to provide source file traceback information when a severe error occurs at run time. When the severe error occurs, source file, routine name, and line number correlation information is displayed along with call stack hexadecimal addresses program counter trace.

International students Continuing education Executive and professional education Courses in education. Research at Cambridge. Department of Chemistry. Intel Fortran ifort. Instructions for users: All rights reserved. Licence Details: Admin notes: If you get asked about activating then we are going to use an existing licence to activate. Pick 'Custom install' When offered the choice of Full or Custom install, pick Custom again You will be offered a whole list of products to install.

The installer will append a version-specific directory. The prerequisite check will fail; select the 'Skip missing optional pre-requisites' option. After the C compiler has oinstalled, unpack the Fortran compiler. Read and accept the licence When prompted to select a licence, pick the option 'Use existing license'. The compiler directory should be changed as appropriate.

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Rename ifort, icc, and icpc to have. Make a shell script: Don't forget to chown it to root if you weren't installing as root. Version Download the full install package, containing the compiler for both 32 and bit machines. Select the option to ' Install as current user to limit access to user level' Read and accept the licence When prompted to select a licence, pick the option 'Use existing license' Pick 'Custom install' When offered the choice of Full or Custom install, pick Custom again You will be offered a whole list of products to install.

You need to link them to the icc and ifort basefiles, not the icc and ifort ones The debugger comes as part of the compiler and we don't install it separately so there is no need to make a debugger module. You do need to check the bit debugger works- it is quite likely not to as the Java JRE on the bit workstations is a bit binary to go with the bit Firefox to go with the bit Flash player. The installer should do this for you. System status System monitoring page. Can't find what you're looking for? Quick Links.