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2. PaintFont About the author. Post navigation 11 Online Picture Editors for editing images without installing any software.

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Weekly Digest for Developers: Mar Mar 09, FontArk says: March 11, at 9: Monika Ratan says: March 12, at 8: Makaveli says: June 4, at 9: Johan says: July 7, at 3: Ivo Gregurec says: November 17, at 1: DB says: February 20, at 5: Yann Prototypo says: April 25, at 6: Hi, have you tried Prototypo? You can have a look at it: Himanshu Maurya says: August 6, at Wanted to make vector font of my own handwriting. Which software can be helpful.

How to Install Fonts on Mac

Franz fontself says: September 21, at 4: Tobias says: April 25, at This free, Mac-only font editor was produced with the intention of giving students a tool for learning about font construction through hands-on experimentation and training. However, as the creator of the tool says, "Font Constructor is not only meant for students" -- it can be used by graphic and type designers, as well as anyone who wishes to create fonts.

Raster Font Editor is a standalone application, which means you can run it directly via your portable storage device such as a USB flash drive or cloud storage app, like Dropbox , without having to install it.

Create your own font with these 14 best tools

It's not as robust in features like some of the other tools already mentioned, but it can be a great option for those only needing basic font editing features and software portability. Though there are many free font editors out there, we focused on those that are still actively maintained and those that we can comfortably recommend. How will you use it?

Check it out today.

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We're using cookies to improve your experience. Click Here to find out more. Advertisement Like Follow Follow. FontStruct FontStruct is a free online font editor, which means you can create your own fonts directly in a web browser, without having to install special software on your computer. BitfontMaker This online font-building tool allows you to create fonts that have simple, geometric shapes. Type light Available only for Windows, Type light is a freeware font editor that you can use to edit existing font files or to design your own font from scratch.


Do what you can. I need opinions on the best font conversation tools available. And finally I owe thanks to Linda Dozier, David Cole and everyone at NaviSoft which company has given me the free time to write this program. Below, you'll discover seven of the best free tools for designing fonts. February 20, at 5:

This way, you can adjust the shape of the part without losing its stroke and contrast. Or manually hook up PostScript hints and TrueType instructions to your outlines.

10 Free Tools To Create Your Own Fonts

In Multiple Master files, hints in the first master are automatically copied to compatible masters. Try Download the Glyphs Trial Fully functional for 30 days. Sketch your font Take a pencil and sketch a few letters.

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Birdfont is a free font editor which lets you create vector graphics and export TTF, OTF, EOT and SVG fonts. Installers and source code packages are available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and BSD. . Bug fixes in the TTF generator. FontForge is free and open-source outline font editor.

More on sketching. More on drawing.


More on diacritics. Isolation no more Watch your words take shape in high resolution: More on intuitive editing. Colors everywhere Why stay monochromatic? More on color fonts. You just rock. Interpolation unchained Up to three axes, any number of font masters, independent layers, glyph-based alternate and intermediate masters: