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Download The Sims - Best Software & Apps Deuling Added 27 Jun , ID In Magic town there are a few different ways to win magic coins, one way is deuling. There are 5 different choices of spells and only 2 will beat each spell, casting the same spell will result in a draw. The choices are: Red Wave which looks like two sets of parenthesis with a dot in the middle. Red Wave is beaten by: Red Wave and Blue Tornado Yellow brimstone is beaten by: Hey all! I have dueled a lot in my Sims game and I know whats good against what. So here they are! Now go out and beat those other Sims!

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For a new look, use your magic oven to bake a Magic Tart by adding the following ingredients: Pixie Dust, Butter, Baking Mix. To talk to ghosts on your lot, or just for the fun of it, create Magic Nectar by adding the following ingredients to your nectar press: Grapes, Grapes, Toadsweat.

The Sims 4 Get Famous now available on console!

There is a website that has a free program download. If you go to google and search for Bunny Wuffles then look for a thing that says Bunny Wuffles Shcool of Transformigrifiying or somthing like that. Download the Transformigrifier and you can change items. You can go through and make car pools buyable and you can put funhouse traks at you house or buy starter kits for unlimeted magicoins and even buy magic crystals and beanstalks. You can also change colors and shapes of things.

In the Bunny Wuffles site it gives instructions and hints to the program. There are also other sites that tell you. Happy Gaming!! Spells on others Added 11 Jan , ID Whenever you cast a spell on another wizard, the spell doesn't work and may have bad effects.

If you cast the toadification spell on another wizard, he or she instead turns you into a toad. So be careful, anyone who wears a magic stick is able to strike back, even children.


And by the way, you can get pixie dust by just playing with the new toy box. A giant in your yard! Added 18 Feb , ID Sometimes if you live in magic town a giant will apear in youre yard it happend to me when I was having a party there he was Be smarter than smart Added 25 Apr , ID Well do that stuff you need to do and when your sim get in a bad mood save your game and delete your sim and than click on your sims head and do it over and over. More magicoins Added 18 Aug , ID It wont work sometimes, but apparently it gives you a LOT or magicoins!

Various hints, tips and tricks to make life easier. Added 22 Apr , ID You have to earn them One of the lots in the neighborhood is something like simoleons. Move your family into this lot, and wait for the Mystery Man to visit. He'll leave behind a box with ingredients and magicoins. Take all the ingredients and the magicoins. You can sell the wand charger, spell book and table for some extra money. Save and go back to the neighborhood, then evict your family.

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February 7, D Mesh and Texture from Maxis. For more recent exchange rates, please use the Universal Currency Converter. Archived from the original on April 21, Features magic allowing Sims to cast spells, forge charms, and buy alchemical ingredients.

Go back to the family section, and move them back into that lot. Keep doing this as many times as it takes, you get 35 magicoins per box. For more simoleons use the 'rosebud' or 'klapaucius' cheat. If it's a woman, compliment her several times. If it's a man, try being joky and keep asking how he is. There are no other ways to get them. This works for animals, trash and wet patches. Read More. To make magic you have to be smart.

Added 3 Nov , ID If you want to make magic there is no point in tring to read a spell book with no equitment because you will just get a shock. A Wand 2. All your skills up 1. You can get a wand if you go to magic town. Pick one area to go to and when you are there you should find a man in a light brown suit. Click on the man and will see the option, "Buy wand simoleons"click on that option and the man will give you a wand. Get Magicoins at Home!!! Added 14 Aug , ID Yes it is true, I have found a way to get Magicoins at your Sims' house! Okay, here's what you do: Go to thesims.

Then click on fansites. On the right side of the page, there should be a list of fansites the first one is The Sims Zone.

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Add a little magic to your Sims' lives. Cast spells, hypnotize friends, and even turn a neighbor into a frog. Perform magic, quest for ingredients. Mac · Games · Driving Games; The Sims Makin' Magic Download. Download Mac OS X , Mac OS X , Mac OS X , Macintosh.

Scroll down until you find "Wilkare's Fun Sims" link and then click it. Now you should be on Wilkaresfunsims.

The Sims: Makin' Magic

Click on the "Hacked" link on the left side of the page. Click on the green arrow at the bottom of the page untill you find the At-Home Fairie Cart.

How to get The Sims 1 working in Windows 10 (UPDATED VIDEO!)

Then click "Download the Fairie Cart here" link. Click run. Then click run again at the next box that appears. Then click unzip. Click ok. And last, click close.

Best of all, it only cost 1 dollar to buy. Makin Magic introduces Magic town lots whose home sellers and magical components and a series of magic-related mini-games. These batches contain new aesthetic touches, such as the new grass texture and background sound effects; They are also more likely to grow magic items. This expansion pack includes a disc containing a preview of The Sims 2. File Size: An excellent website but a problem is that no games are being downloaded.

No good software is available as game sims makin magic is not being played or downloaded.

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