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How to Sync Calendars with Your iPhone, iPad and Mac with iCloud The last new feature update was a few years ago when it got time travel alerts. I know that Calendar apps are mature, but there is no reason Apple cannot continue to tweak or rethink aspects of the app.

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There are a lot of features of the other third-party apps that Apple could easily copy. As I mentioned in my iPhone calendar round-up, Fantastical on the iPhone is fantastic.

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The Mac counterpart is no different. On top of those, Fantastical has features that help set it apart from Apple Calendar.

The 10 Best Calendar Apps for 12222

I love the natural language input it includes. You can easily add appointments by simply typing out what you need to add dinner with dad tomorrow at 7 pm , and it will parse out what you mean. My favorite feature of Fantastical is the menu bar version. In Fantastical 1. In version 2, they added a full-featured view.

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iOS versions: Lastly, because most of us live in a multi-device environment, it is The Verdict: Fantastical 2 is the best calendar app for Mac. Without any real effort on your part, aside for enabling iCloud, you can keep your calendar up to date across all your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

The menu bar version is my absolute favorite way to use it, though. The days of going back and forth, clicking multiple times, to hide and show your calendars are over.

Google’s Way: Google Calendar and Exchange syncing

You can even automatically switch Calendar Sets based on your location i. How cool is that?

Flexibits has left no stone unturned in taking the base that Apple built with its calendar app and taking it to the next level. It allows you to combine two apps into one, and it has pretty robust support. Keep reading to see the other apps I tested. BusyCal has been around on the Mac for years. I think the original version launched on OS X Leopard. Needless to say, the development team has been around the Mac calendar scene for quite a while. At first glance, it looks very similar to Apple Calendar.

It has your sidebar with calendar listings, main window with multiple view options , and it also includes Apple Reminders support as well. It does add one unique feature that I have fallen in love with: BusyCal does support natural language input through its quick entry box. Apple Calendar works in much the same way here.

How to Sync Reminders and iCal on your Mac and iPhone or iPad

With all the new updated and features and the revised UI, I now use this as my main to-do list! I love the calendar feature. There are plenty of great task lists and plenty of great calendar apps, but they are always sperate until now.

Keep your Calendar up to date with iCloud

Very happy. Helps me keep a close track of all the major and minor tasks which I used to otherwise forget due to the complexity of methods of tracking I used previously. Love the fact that calendars can be merged as now I don't need a secretary to manage my appointments and tasks.

Wonderful app. The user experience is amazing. This app allows me to have 1 list to organize my life and the things that I need to get done. I love the calendar and how it integrates take with your calendar, making it the only app you need to plan your day.

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Sleek and packed with features.