Mcdonalds big mac meal price south africa

Big Mac® Meal The drinks are poured at the front counter but are mixed between the multiplex and the drink system. Every drink arrives ice cold.

The fries are kept in a portion controlled release container that ensures the right amount of fries is cooked at a time. The frying stations filter themselves to remove remaining fries from the station and keep it clean. In doing this, every batch of fries is cooked perfectly every time.


Our fries also have specific golden standards that they have to adhere to which ensures the warm, crisp, golden and delicious fries are always just how you like them. As a result, we are able to buy in bulk and negotiate good prices. We pass this benefit along to our customers, ensuring real value to you. We season our patties with salt and pepper and cook them on a double-sided 'clamshell' grill. No extra fat is added.

Price of McDonald's Big Mac?

We have a variety of buns for the different products that we sell, for example Big Mac buns, hamburger buns etc. Each bag has expiry dates and production dates printed on the packaging.

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Download the latest McDonald's menu with prices or view our product SA Breakfast. Sausage McMuffin®. Sausage McMuffin® With Egg. Beef. BBQ Double Burger. Big Mac®. Big Tasty. Boerie Double. Boerie Single Burger. Cheeseburger®. Cheese Meal. R R med large x large. R Big Mac® Meal. R R med large x large. R McFeast Deluxe® Meal med large.

Grand Chicken Jalapeno. Grand Chicken Garlic Mayo. Grand Chicken Mayo.

Combo meal in fast food restaurant (big mac meal or similar) in other cities

Double Cheeseburger. Grand Chicken Spicy Hot. Spicy Cajun Chicken Deluxe. Chicken Burger. Double Chicken Burger. Crispy Chicken Salad. Green Salad. Veggie Burger.

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From R9. Jalapeno Single.

McDonalds Specials and Promotions

Jalapeno Double. BBQ Double. Boerie Single. Boerie Double. Joined May 10, Messages 3, Joined Jul 30, Messages 2, Lol at their website. Joined Oct 14, Messages 13, Pho3nix The Legend May 4, Joined Jul 31, Messages 27, Yep just R20 for the burger alone.

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Spicy Foldover. The fries are kept in a portion controlled release container that ensures the right amount of fries is cooked at a time. Click continue before your session expires. Enter Your Delivery Address. Each bag of buns has an expiry and production date printed on the packaging.

Thanks for the feedback. Joined Nov 22, Messages 55, This sounds like a thread that would be started by someone under the influence of cannabis. Sam rehabilitated troller May 4, Joined Jun 14, Messages 79, StonerStuart Expert Member May 4, Joined Nov 23, Messages 3, Joined May 22, Messages 9, Let's ponder. I have a R20 note. What fast food can I buy with it?

McD's Big Mac burger. KFC Streetwise Pap: The pap and gravy is delicious. McD's is ridiculously priced, and the Streetwise Pap I prefer above about just about every other thing at KFC, and yet it's their cheapest meal.